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Kirkke Poldsalu


I feel really welcomed here, I feel it has a good vibe and people really help you to settle in.

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Why did you choose to study at Nottingham Trent University?

Before I came to NTU I studied in Estonia where I graduated from Gustav Adolf Grammar School. I heard about NTU through Dream Foundation, an organisation that helps students to study abroad. What drew me to NTU was the amount of different courses available, such as Forensic Science, which I can’t study back in Estonia. I came to visit in the spring and I really just fell in love with NTU.  This was one of the best schools that offered the course I wanted to study, and I also really loved the campus and the vibe of the city.

Tell us about your course. Would you recommend it to other students?

We have lectures, seminars, and laboratory sessions. Everything is really practical and has a hands on approach which I enjoy. Everything we learn in seminars or lectures we put into practice in the labs and workshops. I would definitely recommend it. It has given me an insight into what the industry is like and we are taught by professionals which enhances our learning.

Have you joined any societies at NTU?

I joined the Equestrian Team in my first year and it has become a really big part of my University experience. I got involved in Freshers' Week and from there I applied for the team. It took a lot of courage to actually go and try out but I am really glad I did. I have found really good friends and I’m on the committee now so I feel like it is a really big part of my life.

You were awarded the European Scholarship. How did this achievement make you feel?

I felt really special when I was awarded the European Scholarship. I just felt like I was doing something right and it gave me the confidence boost that I needed before starting my university journey. I had doubts in myself and my skills but winning a scholarship proved that those thoughts were unnecessary and all my hard work had paid off. I went to the Scholarship Awards evening last year where I was able to meet other scholarship winners from around the world.

Have you learnt anything from your experiences that you would advise future international students?

Thinking back now I would say just go for it. Make lots of friends and try not to feel lonely as there is always someone to speak to who feels the same way.

Can you describe NTU in three words?

Vibrant. Friendly. Feels like home.

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