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Yoon Hyuk

United Kingdom
Staff were really supportive, not only towards your MRes study but also towards your future career.

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What avenue did you take into postgraduate study at NTU?

"I came straight into the postgraduate study after finishing my undergraduate study in South Korea."

What has been your greatest achievement as a Nottingham Trent University postgraduate student?

"As an MRes student, I wrote numerous journal article-type assessments and most of them are expected to be published in recent future."

How does postgraduate study differ from undergraduate study?

"Undergraduate study was mostly about listening to lectures, memorising the contents, and taking exams or submitting assessments. Whereas, postgraduate study was mostly about doing independent research, self-learning and writing academic journal articles."

What was your favourite part of the course?

"Interesting research topics which you could pursue with great member of staff. Sport and Exercise Psychology staff were really supportive, not only towards your MRes study but also towards your future career."

What skills do you feel you have learned?

"I have learned both quantitative and qualitative research in psychology. I believe these skills will be helpful for me should I pursue a PhD in the future."

What are your career plans?

"My first plan is to work a couple of years in a hedge fund and then continue my PhD study in high performance environment."

Have they changed as a result of postgraduate study?

"Definitely. I became confident that high performance environment is something that really interests me."

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

"Postgraduate study is all about self-learning and self-improvement. Therefore, you should be self-motivated and really focus on your research area if you want to spend a productive one year."

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