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Andonis Loizou
No two days are the same so you never get bored. There are endless opportunities to further your career and this is a great starting place to gain experience and plan your future.

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What made you consider a career as an Ambulance Technician?

Having left the Police after 13 years service and taking a short break, I still wanted to work in a service where I could make a difference in peoples lives. I love working face to face with people and love the fact that no two days are the same.

What avenue did you take into university?

I applied directly to the University for the course.

What made you choose this course?

I like the fact that this course is only a year long and that I can work as a qualified technician after I finish. Ideally I would like to become a paramedic and like that I can join the BSc course in year 2 but still work some shifts as a technician if I need to.

What would you describe as the strengths of your course?

There are great facilities for us to use to simulate real life situations whilst in a protected learning environment where we can make mistakes. It then benefits us before we go out on placement and practice what we have learnt.

What particular elements or modules did you enjoy the most?

I am more of a hands on practical person so I really enjoy the practical elements but can also transfer the theory to what I have learnt.

How have you found your placement(s) so far?

I’ve just returned from my first placement block and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a great mix of jobs and the satisfaction of helping someone or saving their life continues long after I’ve finished for the day.

Did you have any memorable moments from your time on placement?

I attended someone having a heart attack. Within 30 minutes of arriving on scene they were on the operating table in the cardiac catheter suite to fix the blockage. I was allowed to stay and watch the operation which was brilliant.

Do you have any advice for future students going on placement?

Try not to overthink things. Everyone was new once and you will find that you have learnt more in class than you think which you can transfer to your placement. (This was especially true from my policing experience when I first went out on the streets)

Have you benefited from NTU’s links and partnerships with healthcare organisations/hospitals etc.?

Due to the COVID restrictions we have not been able to attend our soft skills placement. The links and partnerships with both EMAS and private ambulance providers should benefit us going forward when we come to apply for a job. They can see our portfolio and know how we perform rather than just applying through the traditional routes.

Could you tell us about the support you received from your tutors and university staff?

Being a mature student I have not been in an educational setting for a long time. It was a little daunting having to write assignments academically. I have been given support and advice and am aware that the tutors are only an email or teams call away.

How has the course so far helped you prepare for your career?

I can transfer my previous skills and experience into the course and expand on what I already know.  The additional skills and knowledge I have learnt on the course then go hand in hand to take forward into the placement and beyond.

If you were to recommend teaching to someone considering starting a career as an Ambulance Technician, what would you say?

It is a very rewarding career where you get to meet people and make a difference in their and their families lives. No two days are the same so you never get bored. There are endless opportunities to further your career and this is a great starting place to gain experience and plan your future.

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