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The support from the university has enabled me to build a network and working relationship with lecturers allowing me to gain opportunities that I never thought I could such as mentoring and representing my cohort in student representative meetings.

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Why NTU...

Why did you choose NTU and your course?

I chose NTU and the Health and Social Care Course as I have always naturally had an interest in making the lives of others better in any way that I can, including favouring Health and Social Care at GCSE and A-Levels. The course focuses strongly on the importance of patient care, knowledge that I have been able to apply to my role as a Health Care Assistant in the NHS enabling me to understand health-care is not just about the clinical procedures, it is about treating our patients as individuals taking that extra minute for your patients such as asking how they like their coffee in the morning to getting them that extra blanket.

NTU was always my first choice of university, as soon as I attended the open day, I knew that I wanted to attend NTU. The staff are so supportive every step of the way in both your academic studies and life outside of the university. I have found university an eye-opening experience, it has given me the chance to reflect on where I want to be in the next five years. It has also allowed me to become flexible in my studies and extra-curricular.

Could you describe your experience of being an NTU student?

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student at Nottingham Trent University. In addition to my education and work experience I have commanded various positions of responsibility. During my time at university, I have been elected as course representative for Health and Social Care for three consecutive years. My role as course representative has enabled me to liaise with senior academics and effectively disseminate feedback through course committee meetings. My role has enabled me to develop my leadership skills through taking responsibility of the queries of my cohort, a skill I believe I can continue to develop through a career in medicine.

The support from the university has enabled me to build a network and working relationship with lecturers allowing me to gain opportunities that I never thought I could such as mentoring and representing my cohort in student representative meetings. These experiences have vastly improved my leadership skills, my ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as providing me with a deep sense of satisfaction when helping others to achieve their goals.

How would you describe the support from your tutors, university staff and student services?

My experience of working with the lecturers on the course has been impeccable every single year, they are quick to respond to any query that their students may have and are adaptable to changing circumstances. The course transitioned well to online teaching during Covid-19. I would recommend this course to a future student as I believe that the lecturers care about how you progress through the course through until you graduate. From being a student on the Health and Social Care course, I have become inspired to drive and create change within my community. It has given me the opportunity to find myself both personally and professionally, before the course I wasn’t necessarily shy but I would not have put myself forward for executive positions with as much confidence.

The staff at the wider university are also very helpful and available to answer any queries that you may have, this includes the team at the Nottingham Trent Student Union (NTSU). I have worked closely with the current executive officers in positions such as Lay Member on the Elections Committee and as President of the Health and Social Care Society with the support being high-quality every time. This also highlights that there are a multitude of options available to further your experiences and to add to your CV outside of the course.

On placement...

Have you completed any work placements on your course? If so, tell us about your experience – where did you go, what did you do, what skills have you gained and what have you enjoyed the most?

I have had the opportunity to participate in a UK placement as a lecturing intern on the Health and Social Care course in both my 2nd and 3rd year.. This opportunity has enabled me to develop my views on ethical and moral issues. It has also enabled me develop my confidence as I have delivered lectures and co-delivered lecturers to 1st year students on the course. From participating in this internship, it has also enabled me to conduct effective evaluations of student’s work. This is a skill that can be used widely in a variety of different career paths, when considering my own desired future career as a Doctor this is a skill I believe I can link to creating risk assessments and care plans.

Do you have any memorable moments from your placement?

My most memorable moments from placement is building a rapport with the 1st year students and giving them the advice and support that I wish I knew when I first started, in particular as I had a unique experience of completing my degree in a pandemic. I also strengthened my working relationship with lecturers on the course who I will no doubt keep in contact with for years to come.

Do you have any advice for future students going on placement?

I would recommend making the most of the experience as the time flies.

Outside of the lecture theatre...

What three words would you use to describe Nottingham?

Diverse, entertaining, life-changing.

Where is a good place to eat, drink or visit in the city?

Nottingham Street Food Club

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

I found it easy to fit in and make friends at NTU, I found the best ways to make friends is to join societies and to make the most of the opportunities available at the university.

The next steps...

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

The employability team has been exceptional in supporting me to chase my career. Medicine requires an extensive interview process and the employability team has offered a variety of interview support and checked my CV.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying to NTU?

Nottingham Trent is definitely the top university for students! Being at Nottingham Trent, you are never far from excitement and there’s a multitude of restaurants, bars, night clubs and cafes – there really is something for everyone!

What is one thing you wish you knew before starting at NTU?

Take advantage of everything that the university has on offer! The School of Social Sciences and NTU provide so many academic events and the university offers so much to get involved with like sport and societies. Your time at NTU will fly by once you’re here, so make the most of everything on offer.

Still need help?

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