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Sonal Passia


The course has enabled me to deepen my intellectual curiosity and personal development.

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Why NTU?

Why did you choose to study a postgraduate degree in Public Health?

"For me, pursuing a postgraduate degree is a personal goal and a joyful experience. It is a fulfilling journey that has enabled me to deepen my intellectual curiosity and personal development. It has offered a platform for critical thinking, self-improvement, knowledge, and skill enhancement - all of which are helpful for career advancement."

Why did you choose to study MA Public Health at NTU?

"NTU is a prestigious and well-respected university that is well-known for the excellence of its education. I selected NTU because of its outstanding academic reputation and knowledgeable faculty. My academic and professional interests also align with the unique curriculum on the public health course and specialities offered by NTU. My overall experience and happiness with the course have been influenced by the university's culture, values, and campus amenities."

What's your experience been like of your course so far?

"My experience at NTU as a postgraduate student, studying public health, has been rewarding. Thanks to the curriculum, I now have a thorough understanding of important public health concepts, principles, and practices. The program is well-structured, with a wide variety of modules covering several areas of public health, such as health promotion, policy, and research methodologies.

Also, NTU's teachers and staff have provided outstanding support. The lecturers and professors are competent and enthusiastic about their subjects, and they offer advice and criticism that have enabled me to succeed in my studies. The university provides a variety of services, like the library, career services, and academic support, all of which have aided my academic and professional success.

Moreover, it has been rewarding to be a part of NTU's welcoming and diverse foreign student community. I now have a deeper grasp of global health challenges thanks to my interactions with other students from other cultural backgrounds. Participating in conversations and debates with classmates from all backgrounds has been a fruitful learning experience since it has allowed me to gain insight into their viewpoints."

What does Social Sciences mean to you?

"I see social sciences as the systematic study and analysis of social patterns, institutions, and human behaviour to learn more about various facets of human life and society. This entails understanding how individuals and groups behave, how societies are organized and governed, how cultures form our ideas and practises, and how social structures and policies affect people's lives are all examples of this.

Engaging with people, transforming lives, and providing frontline services are all key components because they require working directly with people in a variety of settings, such as community groups, government agencies, healthcare, education, social work, and other frontline services, to understand their needs, difficulties, and views and to develop evidence-based solutions for positive social change."


What do you think of the support available from tutors and staff at NTU?

"NTU has a network of tutors and staff that are experts in their fields and are available to students for support and guidance. Set office hours, one-on-one meetings, workshops, online tools, and other forms of support are available to help students succeed academically. For their academic performance and general well-being during their time at university, it is crucial that students actively seek out and make use of the help offered by tutors and staff."

Outside of the Lecture Theatre

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

"It may take some time to become used to a new environment, and it's normal to initially feel a little overwhelmed or lonely. Nonetheless, student organizations, counselling services, and student support centres at NTU proved very helpful in the process of integrating and making friends."

The Next Steps

How is NTU helping you to achieve your career goals?

"NTU provides career assistance services like career counselling and job fairs to assist students in their career goals. These services help with job searching, interview preparation, and navigating the public health job market."

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU as a postgraduate student?

"The employability team assists with job search by providing advice on efficient job search techniques, assisting with resume and cover letter preparation, and giving suggestions on job applications and interviews. They helped me evaluate my career objectives, identify weaknesses and strengths, and create career growth strategies."

As an International Student

Why did you want to study in the UK?

"The UK has a long history of offering top-quality education. I believed that studying in the UK would be a life-changing experience for me with possibilities for personal development, independence, and self-discovery as I would learn to navigate a foreign country, culture, and educational system on my own, and expand my horizons by acquiring a global viewpoint."

What experiences have you had as an international student at NTU?

"As an international student, I had to overcome difficulties in transitioning to a new education system and meeting academic requirements. To help international students succeed in their studies, NTU offered English language support and assistance with academic writing.

I also had to manage to find acceptable housing, and local living arrangements, and control living expenses. Here too, NTU helped with housing search and advised on how to live in the UK.

Also, to help international students acclimatize to a new social environment, make friends, and develop a social network, NTU offers social events, clubs, and societies where students can interact with one another, participate in activities, and develop friendships."

What advice would you give to help new international students get settled in at university?

"NTU has specialized services for overseas students that offer support and can help with problems relating to visas, housing, healthcare, and general welfare. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance and support from these services.

University coursework can be hard, and juggling academic obligations with other duties in life can be difficult. As an international student combine your academic and personal commitments, lessen stress, and succeed academically by developing good time management skills.

There are many students from different cultural backgrounds on university campuses. Interact with others, discover new cultures, and expand your horizons by being open-minded, appreciating diversity, and embracing new experiences.

Be patient with yourself and get help if you need it."

Still need help?

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