After applying - advice for international students

On this page you'll find practical information on what you need to do after applying to secure your place at NTU.

What to do next

Follow these steps to follow up on your offer and secure your place to study at NTU.

If you have any questions at all we're here to help so please contact us.

  • How to accept your offer

    If you are successful we'll send you a conditional offer. This means there is at least one requirement you need to meet before you can study here. Here is the definition for our conditional and unconditional offers:

    • Conditional offer: this means you must fulfil certain criteria – such as achieving the required grades – before you can be accepted on to the course.
    • Unconditional offer: you have met all the entry criteria and can secure your place on the course if you accept your offer within four weeks.

    What to do

    As soon as you receive your offer from us, please read it carefully and accept it.

    Accepting your offer means that you have reserved a place on the course. It does not mean the place is guaranteed; you still need to meet the conditions of the offer.

    The most common examples of conditions for international students are about English language requirements, qualification documents and making an advanced payment.

    International Scholarships

    If you have an offer to study a full-time course with us you can apply for one of our scholarships. Good luck!

  • Meeting the conditions of your offer

    The most common examples of conditions for international students are about English language requirements, qualification documents and making an advanced payment.

    It's really important to upload any documents you have that can support your application as soon as you have them. These include qualification transcripts/certificates from your school/university which show your grades. You must also include your English language test certificate (e.g. IELTS) if this is one of your conditions.

    We can't give you a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies) statement which allows you to apply for your visa until you have met all your conditions and uploaded the supporting documents.

    What to do

    Remember to check your email regularly for messages from us about your application.

  • Planning your accommodation

    It's a great idea to research and plan early where you would like to live. There's plenty of accommodation available at the University on campus or you could choose to live in private accommodation in Nottingham.

    You'll get help and support settling in when you get here from our accommodation service.

    What to do

  • Making your advanced payment

    The final condition you'll need to meet is usually to make your advanced payment to the University and to upload a copy of your passport.

    You can make your advanced payment through Western Union or through our online store.

    When we receive your advanced paypment and all your supporting documents we'll make your offer unconditional which means you have a confirmed place on the course.

    What to do

  • Preparing for your visa application

    To prepare for your visa application you'll need to show that you have enough money to study in the UK. You need to show that you have £1,015 available each  month for 9 months (or for each month if you're doing a pre-sessional English course).

    You must save this money in a bank account in your - or your parents' name - for at least 28 days before applying for your visa.

    What to do

  • Applying for your visa

    A really important time is approximately 12 - 14 weeks before your course start date. This is when we'll send you your CAS statement which you'll need to apply for your visa.

    In most cases this will be from July onwards, for courses that start in January this will be from October onwards.

    We can only send you your CAS when your offer is unconditional so please make sure that you have met all your conditions and uploaded all the documents to support your application.

    When you get your CAS you must check it very carefully and let us know if there any errors so they can be corrected before you make your visa application.

    What to do

  • Planning your journey

    When you are sure you are coming here you can start to plan your journey.

    We offer a free pick-up service from Heathrow airport in September and January, and also offer a negotiated taxi service from all UK airports. You could also travel by train or coach to Nottingham.

    Once you've booked your flight, you'll also need to organise where you're going to live, and find out more about the city.

    What to do

  • Arriving at NTU

    You'll be very busy when you first arrive here!  If you have a student visa to study here there are things you need to do as soon as you arrive to meet the visa regulations. You may also need to finalise where you're going to live.

    But you'll also have time to relax and join in all the fun in our welcome activities and your course induction, where you'll meet friends from on and off your course.

    What to do

Campus videos

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After applying - advice for international students

Published on 19 September 2017

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