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We’ve designed a series of activities with our current students and our teaching colleagues to help you build a better picture of how we run our courses. These are designed for both students and Teachers and Advisers.

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Activities include online and in-person events such as taster days and live tours for students, as well as CPD events for teachers and advisers.

We’re running these activities for a selection of subjects to give you a taster of these courses at NTU. Once you register your interest, we’ll email you information nearer to the day.

You'll find details of the subject(s) and date(s) of our Experience events below.

You must be 16 or over to sign up for our events.

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Students- Experience Politics & International Relations

In this taster day you’ll get the opportunity to experience what it’s like to study Politics and International Relations at University.

Students- Experience Sociology & Sociology and Criminology

During this experience day you’ll be using your sociological imagination to creatively explore a wide range of issues and experience what it's like to study Sociology and Criminology at University.

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