This programme will give you the opportunity to design and develop your own social action project in your school or local community. For example, this could be raising funds for the school library, collecting food for a local food bank or cleaning up your local park. You will have fun with your friends and in addition to running your own project, you will reflect and think about some characteristics you have and will be using, across all of your education.

The following characteristics, known as PEPPER, have been identified as helping you, as a student, do well:

  • Purpose – a sense of self and academic purpose
  • Effort – an ability to draw on intrinsic motivation to ensure effort across all aspects of academia
  • Positivity – the ability to remain positive in the face of academic adversity
  • Personal responsibility – an understanding of personal agency in success
  • Enquiring mind – asking questions in and around the current learning
  • Resilience – identifying where there are opportunities to develop through challenges

For more information, speak to your teacher who is organising the PEPPER event.

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