UCAS Tariff calculator

Changes in the UCAS Tariff mean your qualifications now have a different points value. Sound confusing? Don’t worry, this handy calculator will help find out what grades you need to achieve to get into your course.

The UCAS Tariff is a means of allocating points based on a simple mathematical model which turns qualifications into a total number of points.

Our super-easy UCAS Tariff calculator will convert your qualifications and grades into points, so you can find out if you meet your course requirements. Try it out below.

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How to use the calculator

  1. Type your qualification into the box and select it from the list that appears.
  2. Enter the subject you're studying (this is optional).
  3. Select your predicted / achieved grade from the dropdown list - the UCAS Tariff points for this qualification will automatically be displayed.
  4. If you wish to add in more qualifications, enter the details and then click ‘Add’.
  5. Click 'Calculate my points total' to view an indicative UCAS Tariff points total.

How do we use the UCAS Tariff?

  • As of  2017, we make grade-based offers to applicants. So, if a course requires certain grades – for example, BBB from three A-levels – we’ll accept other grade combinations that equal the same number of Tariff points. To provide another example, grades ABC or AAD still equate to 120 UCAS Tariff points.

  • If you are undertaking a combination of A-levels and other level 3 equivalent qualifications, we will use the Tariff points calculator to convert your qualifications and grades into points. We do this in order to make a fair comparison between the different qualifications and to assess your suitability for your chosen course.

  • We welcome students who are undertaking other qualifications not considered to be equivalent to an A-level (for example, the Extended Project and AS Levels). While these will not form part of your offer, they may be considered for borderline cases once your results have been received.

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