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Is University the Right Choice?

Staying supportive, but letting them lead – as the parent or carer of a teenager applying to university, it’s a fine line. Ultimately, whether university is right for them is their choice, but your opinion and advice can help them to understand the importance of that life-changing decision.

Why should your young person go to university?

Group study

Going to university is about more than getting a degree. It's about discovering who you are, what you love doing, and what you're capable of. University provides a place to explore new ideas, hone talents, and meet peers that can quite literally change your life.

Wondering if university is the right choice for them? Consider that:

  • today, a wide range of skilled professions require a degree as standard.
  • they will be living and working with people from across the globe – from their first day as a student, their world gets bigger. They will make friends for life among likeminded people, and networking will open doors for their careers.
  • university is a chance to learn independence and become an adult.
  • university offers countless opportunities to get involved and try new things. From joining sports and societies, to volunteering for the local community and work experience. These are the events that will shape their future.
  • universities offer ample support and one-to-one time for every student to help them succeed and find their right path.

Ultimately, this is their decision, but the benefits of completing a degree extend far beyond the certificate at the end. These are their defining years. What will they do with them?

Why should they go to NTU?

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Below are just some of the reasons your young person may choose NTU:

  • Our graduates know who they are and what they want. If they have a passion, we’ll nurture it. With our help, they can build a life around the things they love and work towards achieving their wildest ambitions.
  • Our students have access to industry-standard facilities and invaluable support from academics in their field to help make them career-ready. We provide the perfect environment to help brilliant minds prosper, and it shows. Over 95% of our graduates are in employment within six months of completing their degree.
  • Jobs aren’t for life anymore. They’ll want to move on, and up, and a degree from NTU will give them the transferrable skills to do just that – as confident communicators, innovative thinkers, and inspirational leaders, with a proven ability to learn and grow.
  • At NTU, they’ll learn beyond the classroom. We’re a university where theory meets practice. We’re hands-on, and our students learn by doing – from work placements, to volunteering schemes, to self-employment enterprises. As they put their skills to the test, we’ll help them to dream.
  • Nottingham is a popular student city full of possibilities and friendly, talented people. NTU is a multicultural university, with incredible students creating networks and opportunities worldwide.

Find out more about why NTU is a great choice, or visit us on an Open Day to see for yourself.

Paying for university - mythbusting

They can't afford to go to university

All full-time students are entitled to a tuition fee loan, which covers the full cost of their studies (subject to meeting eligibility requirements). They can also apply for a maintenance loan, which contributes towards their living costs

For more information, visit the Student Loans Company website.

They'll leave loaded with debt

The cost of higher education and the price paid are two different things. You only start paying your loan back after you’ve left university and are earning above the repayment threshold. You can find out more about repayment arrangements and interest rates on the Student Loan Repayment website.

It could ruin their credit rating

You might worry about how their credit rating will be affected by having student loans. It’s good to know that student loans won't affect their credit rating as they don’t appear on credit files.

Download our guides to the university application process

With over 43,000 courses to choose from, and more than 300 institutions, picking a university can be a daunting prospect. You’ll need to make sure they’re asking the right questions – about courses, about universities, and about themselves.

Our parent and carer guides below will help you to support your young person through this overwhelming process.