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Is university the right choice?

Deciding whether university is right for them is their choice, but your advice can help them to understand the importance of that life-changing decision.

Why should they go to university?

Two students sat on a bed in a brightly lit halls of residence.

Going to university is about more than getting a degree. It's about discovering who they are, what they love doing, and what they’re capable of.

Here are just a few ways that university can help shape their future:

  • Today’s job market is competitive than ever, with a range of skilled professions requiring a degree as standard.
  • They’ll be living and working with people from across the globe – from their first day as a student, they’ll make friends for life and build networks that will open doors for their careers.
  • They’ll get a taste of independence and freedom to grow by moving to a new city, experiencing new cultures and finding their new home away from home.
  • University offers countless opportunities to get involved and try new things. From joining sports and societies, to volunteering for the local community and work experience.

Modern University of the Year

NTU is proud to be The Times and The Sunday Times Modern University of the Year 2023.

Winner of the 'Outstanding Support for Students' award

Times Higher Education Awards 2020.

110+ societies

From Bollywood to gaming, and everything else in between.

12 consecutive Purple Flag awards

(2010–present), for the diversity, entertainment and security of its nightlife

Why should they go to NTU?

Students in a lecture

Below are just some of the reasons your young person may choose NTU:

  • We're the 2nd best university in the UK for 2021/22, based on current and past student reviews (University Compare 2021). We’re also in the UK's top 10 for the number of applications we receive and have ranked first for accepted offers for four years in a row (2021 UCAS undergraduate acceptance data).
  • We’ve invested over £450 million in our equipment and facilities over the past 15 years — meaning they’ll be building up their skills and workplace confidence by using the same equipment and spaces as the pros.
  • At NTU, they’ll learn beyond the classroom. We’re a university where theory meets practice. Every single NTU undergraduate course includes work-like experience — whether that’s a placement, professional project, or volunteering opportunity.
  • Nottingham is friendly, compact, and fantastically well-positioned.  With an energetic community of more than 60,000 students — it’s a city that that’ll urge them to grow and try something new.

Find out more about why NTU is a great choice, or visit us on an Open Day to see for yourself.

We're award-winning

NTU has a worldwide reputation for excellence, which we’ve earned by daring to do things that little bit differently. We’re good at what we do and with awards for sustainability, accessibility and diversity, we have plenty to be proud of.

Paying for university - mythbusting

They can't afford to go to university

All full-time students are entitled to a tuition fee loan, which covers the full cost of their studies (subject to meeting eligibility requirements). They can also apply for a maintenance loan, which contributes towards their living costs

For more information, visit the Student Loans Company website.

They'll leave loaded with debt

The cost of higher education and the price paid are two different things. You only start paying your loan back after you’ve left university and are earning above the repayment threshold. You can find out more about repayment arrangements and interest rates on the Student Loan Repayment website.

It could affect their credit rating

You might worry about how their credit rating will be affected by having student loans. It’s good to know that student loans won't affect their credit rating as they don’t appear on credit files.

Download our guide to the university application process

With over 43,000 courses to choose from, and more than 300 institutions, picking a university can be a daunting prospect. You’ll need to make sure they’re asking the right questions – about courses, about universities, and about themselves.

Our parent and carer guide below will help you to support your young person through the application process.