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Thinking About Going to University?

University is your next big step, where you’ll learn about so much more than just your subject.

It’s an important decision that you’ll need to research. Here’s some more information to help you make the right decision for your future.

Is university right for you?

Deciding to go to university is a huge decision, and there are plenty of reasons why – it’s an opportunity to live and learn in a whole new way, gaining more than just a degree. It’s a life-changing experience, bringing people and possibilities together.

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Gain new experiences

Universities don’t just build academics – they build people. Look forward to making new friends, busy days, and long nights – you’ll live and work with people from around the world and share some incredible moments.

From clubs and societies, to studying abroad and work placements with global business leaders – at university, the opportunities are endless.

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Enhance your job prospects

Today's job market is more competitive than ever. To stand out you'll need the whole package: a strong qualification, industry experience and the skills to properly market yourself.

With a degree, employers will see you as skilled, versatile, and valuable – an expert in your field. University helps to lay the foundations for better job security, higher wages, and more opportunities.

Every single NTU undergraduate course includes work-like experience — whether that’s a placement, professional project, or volunteering opportunity.

We have a top-10 ranking for the number of year-long placements offered – NTU is one of the UK’s most employment-focused universities (HESA 2019/20) — great news for your future prospects.

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Get a taste of independence and freedom

If you choose to stay in university accommodation, it’ll be a big part of your experience. You’ll make new friends and great memories as you enjoy the freedom and opportunities of independent living.

University is also a great opportunity to move to a new city, experience new cultures, discover new favourites and find your home away from home.

What university can do for you


We explore where higher education can take you and current NTU students tell us what university has done for them.

Picking a course

When thinking about your course, there are a few things to consider. What are you passionate about? What’s your dream job? University’s a chance to learn on your own terms – whether that’s taking your favourite subject to the next level, or trying your hand at something completely new. Whatever your choice, you’ll be in the driving seat, working with staff and students who share your passion.

Picking a university

There’s lots to consider when choosing a university. From the student experience and teaching facilities to the living costs and how far it is from home. Our recommendation is to hit the road and, if possible, visit the Universities you’re interested in – a little research can go a long way.

How did they choose?


Current NTU students explain how they chose the right course and university for them.

How much does university cost?

Covering the cost of a university education can be much more manageable than you think. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Tuition fee loans – covering the cost of your studies

All full-time students  are entitled to a tuition fee loan, which covers the full cost of their studies. You can also apply for a maintenance loan to support your living costs. All students are entitled to a set amount – this can be topped up even further depending on where you’re studying, and your household income.

For more information, visit the Student Loans Company's website.

You won’t be out of pocket when it comes to the repayments

You’ll only start paying back your loan when you can afford to – once you’re earning an annual salary of over £27,295. From then on, it’s more like a tax than a debt, and it’s deducted from your wages. For example, the monthly repayments for an annual salary of £28,800 is only £11. On a salary of £34,000, it’s £50.

Simply – you’ll only start paying back your university education once you’ve got a good job, and your studies have proven themselves worthwhile.

Student loans won’t affect your credit rating in the future

Student loans don’t appear on your credit file – whilst you’re paying them back, they won’t affect your rating.

Want to find out what life at NTU is like? Hear more from the people that know us best – our students.

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