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Is university right for you?

You’ll get a lot from university – in and outside of your lectures. A degree isn’t just a qualification – it’s a life-changing experience, bringing people and possibilities together. You’ll live and learn in a whole new way, getting bigger, braver and better as you go.

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University life - discover who you can be

Why choose university? There’s plenty of reasons, but just to begin with:

Do what you love - love what you do

University’s a chance to follow your dreams, and learn on your own terms - whether that’s taking your favourite subject to the next level, or trying your hand at something completely new. Whatever your choice, you’ll be in the driving seat. Work with staff and students who share your passion, as you learn to build a life around the things you love.

You’ll learn much more than your subject

Universities don’t just build academics - they build people. During your degree, you’ll be tested and challenged.  You’ll find skills and qualities in yourself that you never knew were there. Today, employers aren’t just looking for the next big brain - they want adaptable, independent people, who can learn on the spot. And that’s what university will give you - a social education, and the ability to make confident, creative decisions.

University opens doors for your future

The stats speak for themselves. In 2015, the average graduate starting salary was £26,000 - that’s up 4% on the 2009 figures. Graduate wages are rising, and so is demand. Simply, a degree means more options, and more opportunities - now, and for the rest of your working life.

It’s a life-changing experience

Ask anyone about their experience in higher education, and you’ll hear the same words - ‘achievement’, ‘adventure’, and ‘journey’. At university, every day is different. Look forward to new friends, busy days, and long nights - you’ll live and work with people from around the world, and share some incredible moments. From clubs and societies, to studying abroad, to work placements with global business leaders - at university, you really can do it all.

Work with staff and students who share your passion, as you learn to build a life around the things you love.

But can I afford it?

Covering the cost of a university education can be much more manageable than you think. Here’s just a few of the reasons why:

  • Tuition fee loans - covering the cost of your studies

    Most students will be eligible for a tuition fee loan - this covers the full cost of your course, so there’s no need to pay up front.

  • You won’t be out of pocket, when it comes to the repayments

    You’ll only start paying back your loan when you can afford to – once you’re earning an annual salary of over £27,295. From then on, it’s more like a tax than a debt, and it’s deducted from your wages. Even if you’re earning £31,000, the current repayment rate is only £27 per month.  Fall beneath that threshold, and the repayments are automatically suspended.

    Simply – you’ll only start paying back your university education once you’ve got a good job, and your studies have proven themselves worthwhile.

  • Student loans won’t affect your credit rating in the future

    Student loans don’t appear on your credit file - whilst you’re paying them back, they won’t affect your rating.

  • Maintenance loans - covering your living costs

    You can also apply for a maintenance loan, to support your living costs.  All students are entitled to a set amount - this can be topped up even further depending on where you’re studying, and your household income.

    Of course, you’ll need to budget - but that’s a big part of living independently, and being your own boss. Managing your money is one of the things you’ll learn at university, beyond the classroom.

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