Art and Design creative portfolio and interview advice

If you're applying for one of our practice-based undergraduate Art and Design courses, your creative portfolio and interview will be a key part of your application. Below is lots of useful guidance on creative portfolio development and interview advice.

Digital creative portfolio or creative portfolio - what's the difference?

The difference between the two types of portfolio is whether you submit your work online, or whether you present it to us in person.

We refer to work submitted online as a digital creative portfolio. Digital creative portfolios are mainly for applicants who are based outside of the UK, however for some courses we ask all applicants who meet the entry requirements to submit one. We use this either to assess you for entry to the course, or to shortlist for interview at the University.

For other courses, you'll be required to bring along a physical copy of your creative portfolio to an interview. The purpose of this is to talk through your work with our academic team to discuss your progress as a designer, and to discuss your influences and aspirations.

You can find out whether you'll be required to submit a digital creative portfolio online, or bring along a portfolio to an interview by looking at the entry requirements of your course of interest.

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Art and Design creative portfolio and interview advice

Published on 17 January 2018

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