Discover yourself – volunteering at NTU

Nottingham Trent Volunteering provides a wide variety of opportunities for students.

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Five great reasons to volunteer at NTU

What can you do by being a volunteer, and what can being a volunteer do for you?

  • You’re giving something back

    It feels great, and it’s an important part of your social education. Roll up your sleeves, and take your learning outside of the classroom – give some time to those who need it, and help to change other peoples’ lives for the better. Leave a lasting mark, and be a better you.

  • You’ll stand out from the crowd

    With thousands of graduates entering the job market every year, volunteering gives you an edge. Today, employers are looking for more than just a qualification – they want to see evidence of your broader skills, and the kind of person you are. Voluntary work paints a positive picture, and could end up making a big difference to your prospects.

    Everybody thinks they’re hard-working, versatile, and a team-player. Volunteer with NTU, and prove it.

  • You’re guaranteed to make new friends

    New to university life? Feeling a little shy? Maybe you’re a third or fourth year student, and stuck in a rut? Volunteering will get you out of your comfort zone. Our local, national and international projects will hook you up with a brand new group of people – and what’s more, they’re ready-made ice-breakers!

  • It’s an investment, not a sacrifice

    How much time could you realistically spare – an hour, or a year? A single day of volunteering is time well spent. Nottingham Trent Volunteering (NTV) offers a wide range of projects, tailored to your own interests and circumstances. We’ve got some great opportunities on offer, whatever your commitments.

  • You’ll broaden your horizons

    From Guatemala to Romania, in partnership with charities, NTV delivers volunteering and support projects across the globe. We’re looking for creative people with big hearts, and the guts to make things happen. If you’re up for the challenge, and looking for a life-changing experience, we encourage you to get involved.

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So what can I do?

NTU opportunities

Community volunteering

Take your learning outside of the classroom – work with local organisations and build your personal skills and course-related experience.

Schools volunteering

Would you like the opportunity to volunteer with local schools and colleges? These NTV opportunities give you the chance to deliver voluntary projects in local schools and colleges, either creating your own or taking part in an existing one.

Sports volunteering

Passionate about sport? Be a sports volunteer with NTU, and make a difference doing what you love – whether it’s supporting PE lessons, delivering after-school sports clubs, or coaching a local sports club.

International volunteering

An NTV scheme for the truly ambitious – experience new cultures and places by volunteering abroad. These global experiences will enhance your career prospects, broaden your horizons, and give you a chance to discover who you can really be.

Nottingham Trent Students' Union (NTSU) opportunities

NTSU Volunteering have a fantastic range of opportunities to get involved in, from Action Days and Community Volunteering to Micro-Volunteering and Union Volunteering. Get inspired to go the extra mile and volunteer with something you really enjoy!

Raising And Giving (RAG)

This Students’ Union initiative delivers projects all over the world. Get involved, for a life-changing experience – RAG’s international program includes trips to Kilimanjaro, Everest, and the Great Wall of China.

To find out more about how you can build your CV, meet new friends and develop your skills, check out our volunteering pages.

Find out more about NTSU opportunities.

Discover yourself – volunteering at NTU

Published on 20 September 2017

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