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Housing Associations explore how to create Great Places

Nottingham Civic Exchange gave evidence to the Great Places Commission on Wednesday 11 July

The National Housing Federation visited Nottingham this week to explore how housing associations can act as anchor institutions for their communities.  Nottingham Civic Exchange was invited to give evidence to the Commission. We gave examples of our work, and the work of Nottingham Trent University as a recognised and established anchor institution.

Dr Paula Black giving evidence to the Great Places Commission

During the evidence session, Dr Paula Black highlighted the opportunities available to housing associations and highlighted a number of the challenges and common issues they may encounter. She highlighted economic insecurity as an important factor faced by their residents, and one, which will influence their work. How can housing associations build resilience to cope with economic hardship? She also gave examples of how Nottingham Civic Exchange and Nottingham Trent University are actively engaging with local citizens.

Following the successful visit of the UPP Foundation Civic University Commission to Nottingham Trent University recently, the Great Places Commission is also keen to explore how Universities have become important anchor institutions and what they do to develop the strategy and structures that help to support and enrich society.

Nottingham Civic Exchange wishes the Commission every success and supports its three aims.

Great Places will:

- capture the knowledge and expertise from within and outside the housing sector, and use this to share good practice and influence Government policy

- demonstrate that housing associations are key local economic partners and can make an important contribution to delivering thriving and resilient communities

- engage with stakeholders from across the political spectrum, organisations within the housing sector and beyond, and local communities to explore how we can work together to create great places to live.

Great Places is visiting a range of locations across the UK and publishing results from open community workshops and evidence sessions. To get involved visit them online and keep in touch via Twitter through #GreatPlacesCommission Nottingham Civic Exchange will be keeping a close eye on the results of the Commission exploring how we can support as it develops. We recognise the challenge citizens in Nottingham face regarding housing but hope to ensure the Commission keeps the debate broad to ensure we consider the whole place when creating great places for our communities.

Nottingham Civic Exchange

Nottingham Civic Exchange has been established by Nottingham Trent University to maximise research, policy and practical impact by bringing together university expertise with partners seeking to address the needs of local communities. Nottingham Civic Exchange acts as a resource to look at social and economic issues in new ways. This means facilitating debate, acting as a bridge between research and policy debates, and developing practical projects at a local, city and regional level.

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Published on 12 July 2018
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