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The Last Budget Before Brexit: what will it offer you?

We want your views on Budget 2018?

On Monday 29 October, the Chancellor will set out his budget for the next year, a year in which we formally leave the EU and face a continued squeeze on living standards.

The Government has highlighted the desire to:

  • end Austerity
  • allow Local Authority to borrow in an effort to boost house building
  • create a new tax on digital businesses
  • increases to health spending.

Will these issues receive support in the Budget? What will be announced that will help you as a student? Will Theresa May's Ordinary Working Families receive additional support this year as living standards continue to be squeezed?

This event, run as part of our Student Associates programme is a chance to engage with the Government's Budget in a supportive environment amongst students and academics.  We want you to be a part of it as participants so we can hear your views on how the budget affects you and others across Nottingham.

We will be discussing the key announcements, what was missing and what the government could do to tackle economic insecurity. This event is about deepening people’s democratic engagement and providing a space for debate. it could also count towards your modules.

If you have any questions or simply want to talk about the session, contact Rich from Nottingham Civic Exchange.

Please book your free space to attend this event. This event is open to all and refreshments will be provided before the event begins at 3.

Politics and International Relations Students

This session has been designed to count towards your Politics and IR in Practice module by showcasing a key parliamentary event and linking it to your personal and local experiences.  Contributing to this session will provide two of your twenty hours.  Further opportunities to work with Nottingham Civic Exchange on this module will be forthcoming throughout the year.

Contact Janka Lloyd for further details

Economics and Economics joint honours with Business Management students

Attendance at this workshop is equivalent to two hours and one individual event/activity towards your requirement to engage in and record at least 25 hours/5 separate activities of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in your final year, to be recorded in your ePortfolio in support of your Reflective Report (60% of your module mark).  It will also provide insight into your interpretation of data and reading and the policy recommendations for your Group Consultancy Project (40% of your module mark).

Contact Chris Lawton for further details

Nottingham Civic Exchange

Nottingham Civic Exchange maximises research, policy and practical impact by bringing together university expertise with partners seeking to address the needs of local communities. Nottingham Civic Exchange is a resource to explore social and economic issues in new ways by facilitating debate, acting as a bridge between research and policy, and developing practical projects on a local, city and regional level.

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Published on 10 October 2018
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