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Taking a systems approach when exploring credit and Ordinary Working Families

Financial Conduct Authority visits Nottingham Civic Exchange

This week we welcomed Jonathan Davidson and Jenny Driscoll from the FCA to learn from our research and engage in a discussion about how the lived experience of people from across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is impacted by precarity, economic insecurity and Government policy.

Academics from Psychology and Sociology presented research into Ordinary Working Families, Foodbank users and low pay and insecure workers. These presentations examined a range of different issues for local citizens and helped to frame a discussion about how credit plays a role in their lives.

Nottingham Civic Exchange was pleased to help the Director of Supervision at the FCA to gain a view on these topics and we look forward to working with the FCA in the future. The FCA undertakes regular location specific visits during the course of its work. They shared a range of examples of initiatives being explored to support people who suffer from a lack of access to good credit. Our hope is that they take on board the breadth of the challenge for people struggling with economic insecurity and can help play a role in supporting citizens to manage the challenges they face every day.

Slides from the meeting are available through Nottingham Civic Exchange. Email us to receive a copy. Academics from Psychology also shared their submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights who will be visiting the UK later in November.  A copy of their submission is available to download here.

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Published on 2 November 2018
  • Category: Nottingham Civic Exchange; Staff; School of Social Sciences