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Creating your secure and fulfilling future in an age of economic insecurity

Join Nottingham Civic Exchange to tackle economic insecurity on Friday the 22nd of February, 2019.


Together with the NTU Department of Politics and International Relations, the Department Economics and the Royal Society (RSA) we are running a day-long design session to make a difference to this critical issue and we need your help.  Many commentators say the prognosis for your generation isn’t great:

  • They say you will earn less than your parents;
  • That you’ll never afford to buy your own home;
  • Your jobs in the future are under threat due to casualisation and automation;
  • and there is that little thing called Brexit.

We don’t agree.

As the university’s place-based Think Tank, Nottingham Civic Exchange is about making a difference. We are helping to create a brighter more enriching society. We are inviting 100 students from several degree courses, undergraduate and postgraduate, to work with us to design solutions that will help improve people’s lives.  Along with our partners the RSA, we have shown that people are experiencing greater (economic) insecurity. We want to work with you to tackle this challenge and showcase a brighter future for all. What would you do to change that?

Join us to create an alternative vision.

NTU is committing to the future and wants to work with our current students to tackle (economic) insecurity and uncertainty. Being at university means exploring the big questions and we must ensure people are not adversely affected by insecurity in their day to day lives.  Our design session will pitch students against some of these issues to create solutions to this rising tide of insecurity we uncovered in the ‘Tackling Economic Insecurity’ report we published in 2018 with the RSA.

Join us for a day of problem-solving which may land you with the chance to win support to bring your idea to life.   Support from a local experts and academics from NTU throughout the day will help hone your ideas. We are looking for motivated individuals to work together to shape these ideas into a single pitch which will be presented at the end of the day to an expert panel.

The day is structured on a facilitated idea generation process, using four themes (outlined below).  To help us plan our room layouts and book your lunch we ask that you book a space via this link before the Monday 11 February.

If you have any questions please get in touch directly with the Nottingham Civic Exchange.


Our Place

What can be done to enhance the place you live in. Insecurity can have a wealth of impacts to place which we'd like you to explore from the rise in housing costs, the increase in hate crime and the reduction in place-based funding approaches.

Our Health

Evidence highlights that being economically insecure has an adverse impact on your health.  Many of you in the Final Year of your UG Economics course will have seen in your L&E projects that measures of health, such as life expectancy, are closely correlated with happiness in the World Happiness Report and with Human Capital and Investment in the Human Development Index.  What ideas do you have to ensure people’s health and wellbeing can be supported in an era of growing insecurity.

Our Friends and Families

Research by NTU on Ordinary Working Families has highlighted the supportive nature of friends and families to help cope with insecurity. How can we increase connections with friends and families and ensure these links support us to deal with future challenges if and when they occur.

Our Learning and Careers

The value of education is currently being investigated by our own Vice Chancellor and we have seen countless reports on the changing nature of work, with many of you in your Final Year looking at how we might measure ‘good work’ in your L&E Consultancy Projects. What can be done to ensure people are set up to cope with an uncertain future especially those who may never attend a university like our own.

Booking information

When you book your place please select your top two choices. We will make every attempt to allocate you to themes requested but we do need to ensure there is an even mix of people exploring solutions for each theme. Briefings for each theme and a more detailed agenda will be provided to those who sign up at least one week before the event begins.

Click here to be taken to the booking page

Guidance for UG Economics and Economics joint honours with Business Management students

Attendance at this workshop is equivalent to 7 hours and 1 individual event/activity towards your requirement to engage in and record at least 25 hours/5 separate activities of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in your final year, to be recorded in your ePortfolio in support of your Reflective Report (60% of your module mark).  It will also provide insight into your interpretation of data and reading and the policy recommendations for your Group Consultancy Project (40% of your module mark).

Guidance for PG Masters in Economics and Economics and Investment Banking students

Attendance at this workshop contributes to your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activity as part of your Transformational Leadership Development module.  It will also provide insight and experience in public policy research and debate that could be invaluable in your future careers as professional economists.

Guidance for UG 1st year Politics and International Relations Students

This session has been designed to count towards your Politics and IR in Practice module by showcasing a key parliamentary event and linking it to your personal and local experiences.  Contributing to this session will provide 7 of your 20 hours.  Further opportunities to work with Nottingham Civic Exchange on this module will be forthcoming throughout the year.

Nottingham Civic Exchange

Nottingham Civic Exchange has been established by Nottingham Trent University to maximise research, policy and practical impact by bringing together university expertise with partners seeking to address the needs of local communities. Nottingham Civic Exchange acts as a resource to look at social and economic issues in new ways. This means facilitating debate, acting as a bridge between research and policy debates, and developing practical projects at a local, city and regional level.

Visit our website - Contact us - Follow us - @NottsCivicEx

Published on 25 January 2019
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