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Assessments at NTU this summer

Read Vice Chancellor Edward Pecks's latest update regarding assessments at NTU this summer.

City campus

Thank you to all those NTU students who have expressed their views about our approach to assessments this summer. We are all adjusting to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in.

We have listened to our NTU community, including NTSU. Many of you have asked us to strengthen our current no detriment policy.

Our approach to date has focused on two methods which would ensure there will be no detriment to our students as a result of this international crisis.

However, we are now adding a third. If you submit, and pass, your summer assignments and assessments you will not receive a classification lower than the one you would have achieved based solely on the work you completed up to the end of March.

This is in addition to the supportive measures already in place.

Taken together, we believe this to be a comprehensive and fair package which will ensure no detriment to our students taking their summer assessments in these difficult times.

Professor Edward Peck
Vice-Chancellor, Nottingham Trent University

Please note
Following the decision to add this third measure to our no detriment policy, our academic staff are now working through the detail. Further FAQs and guidance will be issued over the next few days; please continue to check the pages for updates. Among other issues, these will address the arrangements for courses which are also accredited by professional and regulatory bodies.

FAQs (more to be added later)

Is NTU now adopting a no detriment policy?

We have adopted a no detriment policy from the outset. However, we have listened to student feedback, including that from NTSU, and many students have asked us to both clarify and strengthen this no detriment policy. This is what we have now done.

Why have you changed your mind?

We are adapting our no detriment policy to strengthen the package of measures we had already devised in response to student feedback. This is consistent with our usual approach of listening to our students about every aspect of their education at NTU.

Published on 2 April 2020