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Graphic Design student uses Augmented Reality technology to create an interactive NTU Mascot

Technicians in the School of Art & Design supported final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Grace Farey to explore the technology

Augmented Reality Mascot outside NTU

As part of a final year project in BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Grace Farey aimed to promote respect between students at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and to help students to understand boundaries within the university behaviour code. Grace wanted to help make the university feel like a safe space for students of any background to be able to ask for help quickly and easily if needed.

After completing some market research, Grace decided to make a mascot named Res to represent ‘Respect at NTU’. She told us: “I wanted to create something that students would remember, something that was neutral and pleasant and was non-threatening so that everyone could get involved. Mascots are one of the faces of universities, one that students see and will want photos with and merchandise of, to remember their time at University.”

Grace started the project on Adobe Photoshop, and discussed her work with technicians Dan Billings and Jonathan Gillie, who suggested Augmented Reality (AR) and Cinema4D software. She was able to produce 2 versions of her Respect mascot, learning complex technology virtually with the support of the technicians. She was supported to use an AR app Aero to impose her 3D mascot onto images of the NTU City Campus and images of the mascot on sale in the Nottingham Trent Student Union (NTSU) shop.

Grace told us: “I have learnt to use four new software just from this project, I am hoping to learn a lot more in future. I want to work in the field of Graphic Design so I will most likely use this software again in future. I have appreciated all the help I've been able to get when I requested it, as I have learnt so much. I think if you ask for help at NTU you're always going to get it.”


Technicians in the School of Art & Design have been working hard to create creative solutions to support students during online learning. Dan Billings commented: “The design world has changed in recent years, especially where digital media and design outcomes are concerned. The creative lockdown solutions students have since explored are all really exciting and we’re now at a point where designing a single idea or product for a brief can quickly and convincingly be altered in software to expand the ideas and concepts of a single design range.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Grace on this project as it brings together my experience in 3D and 4D content creation and merges it with the world of AR deployment in a very neat solution. I can’t wait to see where students at NTU take designing for digital outcomes and AR next and look forward to helping them achieve success in this field.”

Principal Lecturer Kathryn Coates told us more about this exciting project: "Grace has been fearless in her approach to this project. She has embraced new technologies to create a purposeful solution that utilises the potential of AR to engage her audience.  The collaboration between our students and technicians has been fundamental to the realisation and success of this project. We continually look to develop our curriculum to facilitate engagement and exploration of technologies, ensuring that all possibilities for communication and expression are available to our students. It has been fantastic to see Grace embrace this opportunity and push her practice in a new direction"

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