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NTU students take part in UN Simulation

In November 2021, six NTU students were invited to take part in a UN simulation at William and Mary's, Oxford.

UN Simulation

William and Mary's Global Innovation Challenge (WMGIC) partnered with the Government Center of Excellence and NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to host the first WMGIC x NATO ACT Cybersecurity Challenge on Friday 12th November 2021 on the topic of disinformation and election interference in the cyber realm.

"Taking part in this event made me realise the importance and relevance of my course and the various topics we have touched upon this year. Being able to be part of this experience with my course mates has not only strengthened our relationship but also gave us an opportunity to work and improve some of our skills. I am honoured that NTU and particularly the Department of Social and Political Sciences, has allowed me to be involved in a worldwide simulation attended by many brilliant students from all around the world. I would highly recommend this experience."

Maria Gaggino, Social and Political Sciences

Student teams received a detailed case study prior to the start of the challenge. William & Mary's and NATO ACT presented a scenario based on current global threats and challenges that included background information, including details on tactics used by key nations and proxy groups. During the challenge and over the course of six hours, teams worked with mentors to design a recommended plan of action for NATO based on the case study, research question and task. Each plan of action considered NATO's existing capacity and what actions NATO should implement within the next 12 months, Panels of expert judges evaluated the proposals and selected five winners. To learn more about the event and the competiton winners follow this link

"The WMGIC x NATO ACT Teams Cybersecurity Competition was a great opportunity for me personally because it was the first time I took part in an international academic competition. The competition challenged my intellectual skills because I had to work in a team and create solutions for problems around a subject area I wasn't familiar with. Overall, it was a great experience and I'm truly happy I took part in the competition. It gave me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, as I volunteered for first time to be a team leader. The experience gave me a boost in confidence with my teamwork, leadership, and communication skills because although we didn't win, we made a lot of progress and learned more about international cybersecurity. The experience is something I am proud I took part in and can confidently put on my CV to discuss with potential employers."

Emmanuella Taiwo, Social and Political Sciences

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