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INTAC Sustainability Jam

INTAC Sustainability Jam, an international sustainability collaboration involving 14 Universities and 62 students.

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#EatItUp Student Work

BA Photography students, Corey Yan Chan and Will Devereux recently worked with Principal Lecturer in Photography, Max Kandhola in their participation in the international collaboration to join INTAC Sustainability Jam, OCADU International Online Residency Experience from February 26 – March 6, 2022. The collaboration involved 62 students and 14 universities.

The challenge was to join students from around the world in a 9-day jam, where they would make art that helps move us towards a more sustainable future. The projects focused on areas such as The Environment, Fast Fashion, Mining Lands, Waste, Plastic Pollution, Consumption, Cultural Colonialism, Language, Greed, Human Migration.

The goal was to imagine how art can be part of a process that moves the world towards a sustainable future and to create inspiring examples that explore an issue through art and/or provide an experience for an audience to become more aware, to think differently and to change behaviour. Any medium could have been used in a way that was presented online. There was a focus on how art can play a role in global sustainability, and how cultural attitudes and societal habits lie at the heart of the changes needed to address global issues such as climate change, social inequities, economic structures, the destruction of our natural world or migration challenges.

We hope to work with INTAC in the future to offer more students from the Nottingham School of Art and Design the opportunity to take part in a global project.