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Opportunity for organisations to access NTU graduate talent for a six-week, fully funded placement this summer

The annual Graduate Internship Scheme is back, offering businesses across the country access to work-ready graduate talent.

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Available from 22 August 2022, graduates will enter your business possessing the latest skills and knowledge, matched to suit the needs of your team to help grow your organisation. Simultaneously, participating organisations will play a fundamental part in providing experience to some of our unemployed or underemployed graduates at a key time in their early career journeys.

Could your business benefit?

Our dedicated team within Employability are working to secure roles at businesses from all sizes, sectors and corners of the UK. With graduates available from a full range of disciplines, this is a priceless opportunity to trial the latest graduate workforce with no commitment after the six weeks are complete.

The Internship process was simple, but with underpinning rigour for me to have confidence that key processes around confidentiality/HR issues were in place. The Intern enjoyed working in a fast paced, challenging environment, and I would definitely recommend the Internship Scheme to others.

Ceri Feltbower, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, 2021

Placements can be hosted in-house or remotely, depending on the needs of your business, and the team will be on-hand throughout the process to support your experience by:

  • managing applications, shortlisting, interviewing and assessing all graduates,
  • matching graduates as closely as possible by using the information provided in your vacancy submission form,
  • directly paying salaries to the graduates, so your business does not need to worry about the implications of the internship remuneration.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust took part in the Graduate Internship Scheme in 2021...

“Sherwood Forest Hospitals (SFH) is a district general hospital in the Midlands of the United Kingdom employing 5000 colleagues, serving a population of 420,000. In recent years, the importance of the welfare and wellbeing of healthcare workers has been increasingly prominent in national discourse. Underpinning this is the understanding that caring for patients requires a workforce that is well, physically, mentally and emotionally."

"The Intern undertook a thematic analysis of the 'Learning from Covid' programme, which engaged over 800 colleagues in sharing their experience of the pandemic at both a work and personal level. Having an independent approach and perspective was invaluable, and it enabled us to add academic rigour into a wide range and volume of information. It [also] gave the Intern experience of working in a challenged 'real working life' environment.”

(Ceri Feltbower, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, 2021)

The ‘try before you buy’ incentive of the scheme proved worthwhile for TG Consulting, who extended their two internships by 4-6 months...

“NTU provided us with targeted support on the recruitment of two graduate interns. Specifically, the team identified two graduates for us, who were a perfect fit for the organisation and added real value from the start, contributing to key strategic and client projects."

"The interns were so great that we kept both on past the end of their internship for a further 4-6 months. I would encourage any micro business or SME to work with NTU Employability and take on graduates for short term opportunities. The value added to the business is huge and very cost effective.”

(Tonia Galati, TG Consulting Ltd, 2021)

There is still time to get involved…

Find out further information about getting involved in the 2022 Graduate Internship Scheme intake by exploring our brand-new guide.

Vacancy details can be submitted here, or contact the team directly via / +44 115 84 83200. The deadline to submit vacancies is 24 June 2022.

Opportunity for organisations to access NTU graduate talent for a six-week, fully funded placement this summer

Published on 5 May 2022

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