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Showcase 2022 Student Spotlight: Nanzio Griffin

Student Spotlight featuring BSc (Hons) Product Design student, Nanzio Griffin and his project, Inclusive music.

Inclusive music by Nanzio Griffin

BSc (Hons) Product Design

The proposed solution is an accessible instrument for deaf children in mainstream schools, with an increased focus on inclusivity and multi-sensory approaches. The product allows children of all capabilities to enjoy the experience of making music and the many benefits it provides, by bridging the gap between deaf children and their hearing classmates encouraging both to develop and flourish together, leaving no-one behind.

Nanzio Griffin, creator, said: “Being a CODA (child of a Deaf adult), I have witnessed first-hand how being deaf in a world designed by hearing people for hearing people poses many barriers and challenges. Growing up as the link between these two worlds intrigued me about this divergence and why the gap between said worlds is still so isolating for one party – the deaf community. As a lover of music, I believe that music is not only an auditory perception but a whole-body emotive experience and should be made more accessible to enrich the lives of those who are currently deprived of the said “universal language of mankind.”

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