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A new mass spectrometer for The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre

The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre (JvGCRC) has taken delivery of an amazing new piece of instrumentation, a mass spectrometer.

Mass spectrometer with David Boocock
David Boocock with the new mass spectrometer

Dr David Boocock, head of the laboratory where the machine has been installed, said: "The latest generation Sciex ZenoTOF 7600 is a huge upgrade to the facility and this is incredibly exciting. A mass spectrometer is essentially a very advanced weighing machine, but instead of weighing things we can see, it measures molecules – from drugs to the very building blocks of our body – such as incredibly complex large molecules like proteins.

Mass spectrometer

"Weighing these accurately enables us to identify and quantify them. We can create a profile across thousands or hundreds of thousands of these different molecules in every sample. By playing 'spot the difference' between samples – with the help of hugely powerful computers and software – we can gain insights into the mechanisms of cancer and other diseases by comparing different conditions to see what is changing and why. This incredible investment of almost half a million pounds by NTU enables us to look deeper and run samples more rapidly than ever before."

NTU is working closely with Sciex, extending a long-standing collaboration, giving Dr Boocock's team access to specialist expertise and software.

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A new mass spectrometer for The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre

Published on 22 September 2022
  • Category: Alumni; Research

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