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Students from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment meet the professionals at alumni networking event

Held at NTU's City Campus, over 20 members of the School's alumni community attended to offer career advice to postgraduate and final-year students.

Networking event

Students were able to practice their networking skills and discussed ways to improve their employability prospects.

Members of NTU's alumni community shared their experiences of working in industry and had their own opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

One visitor was so impressed, they offered to help a student secure a work placement in their home town.

Dr Olusegun Oluwole
Dr Olusegun Oluwole

Alumni Fellow Dr Olusegun Oluwole was one of the visiting guests. He said: “This felt like a good way to meet current students and let them know they have the potential to achieve great things. It’s also a useful way to network – both for me and for them.”

Final year Architectural Technology students Natalie Eccles and Meghan Bailey were two of the undergraduates attending.

Natalie said: “We came along to get a better idea of what route to take when we finish our studies. I haven’t been to one of these events before and wasn’t expecting everyone to be so friendly – it’s been a great way to improve my networking and social skills.”

Vithu Jeyakumaran
Vithu Jeyakumaran

Meghan added: “I have a much better idea of what to do next. I’d recommend that anyone in their final year at NTU attend at least one of these events if they can.”

Vithu Jeyakumaran, a medical product designer and member of the NTU alumni community,
travelled from London to take part.

Commenting on the event, Vithu said: “It’s been really inspiring to come back on campus and meet with current students and fellow professionals. It’s a pleasure to be invited and hopefully share my knowledge and experience. I’m finding it beneficial too.”

Vicky Trotman
Vicky Trotman

Vicky Trotman graduated from NTU in 2020 with a degree in Product Design. Vicky said: “I will always remember my time at NTU and think it’s important to come back to share your experiences, answer questions and perhaps help with student projects.

"The one piece of advice I’ve given out a lot is – don’t stress! It’s been great to reassure people that in my friendship group, everyone has secured a professional role in the industry and have a career direction they’re very happy with.”

Nick Harrington
Nick Harrington

Nick Harrington, a senior construction manager and NTU alum said: “When you come back to NTU, you realise what the institution does and see the quality of the graduates here. You only get that through meeting people face to face.

"What stands out meeting the students here tonight, is how employable they are. It’s also been wonderful to catch up with some of my own alumni, to share stories, and see how they’ve progressed.”

Interested in taking part in a future event? Find out more about our Alumni and Industry Fellowship Programme