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An eye for detail – the NTU alum preparing to showcase their miniature artwork in New York

An artist and member of NTU's alumni community is soon to have their work featured at an international art exhibition. Esha Bijutkar (MSc Management and International Business) graduated in 2019 and currently lives in Pune, India.

Esha Bijutkar
Esha Bijutkar

Specialising in creating food miniatures, Esha has had her work appear in advertising campaigns for major fashion brands and featured at events in London and Paris.

Creating miniature art requires a real eye for detail – and lots of patience. Esha designs hyper-realistic models and dioramas in 1/12 scale – 12 times smaller than the real thing.

Esha was keen to tell us that the skills gained during her studies at NTU have been a real asset –  and helped to fine-tune her business activities.

Esha Bijutkar

“I returned to India at the end of 2019 after graduating with the intention of returning to the UK the following year,” she told us.

“Sadly due to the lockdown, I was unable to do so. This gave me a lot of time to focus on my art. In 2020, a UK-based miniatures magazine contacted me, and I have been writing tutorials for them ever since.”

Example of Esha's miniature work

Despite her success today, Esha’s interest in miniature art had humble beginnings.

“When I first started out, I had no access to professional tools or art supplies as they were not available in India,” she says.

“This didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream and made me even more passionate about it. It was satisfying to create a piece of art from scrap things around me! I’m very dedicated to producing miniature art and will sometimes work 18 hours a day perfecting a piece.”

One of Esher's miniature creations

Thanks to Esha's talent, hard work, and passion, her artistic activities have attracted worldwide attention.

"In 2021," she tells us, "I was honoured to exhibit my work at the Small is Beautiful exhibition in Paris alongside 18 miniature artists from all over the world – I was the only artist from Asia.

"In 2022, my work was exhibited in London alongside 33 other artists. I also worked for the fashion brand LOEWE and handcrafted some designs for their famous puzzle handbags."

We wish Esha every success with her involvement in the upcoming New York exhibition.

Esha Bijutkar on Instagram

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