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Showcase 2023 Student Spotlight: Aaron Robinson

Student Spotlight featuring BA (Hons) Product Design student, Aaron Robinson and his project, A new tent for Scouting.

Digital mock-up of a tent

The project

This project focused on creating a new tent for Scouting. A tent designed to meet the needs of Scouts. There by being easy for young people to put up and having easy to access repair tools and information for leaders to ensure the long and sustainable life of this tent.

The inspiration behind the project

Aaron has been a member of the Scouts since he was 7, and now volunteer as an Adult Leader within the Scout Section. The inspiration for this project came from his first-hand experience of going camping and seeing the issues that young people and Adults have throughout the whole process of using tents in Scouting. He wanted to tackle the problem of young people breaking tents due to complex pitching processes and hard to understand instructions, and also improve the repairability of tents through providing clear information and resources to leaders to care out repairs to prevent tents from being disposed of.

His experience was amazing. Working in sustainability, specifically Circular Design and creating an outdoor product is something of real interest to Aaron. Doing this has helped him to keep the project ‘alive’ and working closely with Scout groups has driven the project to have real impact.

Being part of NTU

Aaron has developed a wide range of industry skills which has really set him up once he graduates. Specifically, during his placement year, he worked as part of a small team at NTU Enterprise, completing their ‘Year in Enterprise’ program for undergraduate students. Working on a business with the support of NTU Enterprise staff helped him gain lots of business knowledge and skills which he has applied to his work in final year and his placement year opened lots of new networked opportunities.

It’s very hard to pick a single most memorable moment. His whole experience at NTU across his four years has been fantastic, from the wide range of societies and sports clubs to partake in, to the opportunities and experiences he has taken part in within his course and placement study.

The staff at NTU on the Product Design Course and the wider school of ADBE are so supportive of your ideas and your projects. They are all passionate and driven to help you develop into the designer you want to be.

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