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Showcase 2023 Student Spotlight: George Preston

Student Spotlight featuring BA (Hons) Product Design student, George Preston and his project, BeBass.

Render of a de-composed electric guitar

The project

BeBass is a modular electric bass that aims to attract more players to the instrument by creating a new hands-on player experience. Its customisable, disassembled and evolves with the player as they upgrade and change its form to suit their ever-changing desires while also transporting it in a smaller profile.

An electric guitar laying on top of a piano

The inspiration behind the project

Influenced by the hunger to develop the player experience, unchanged since the products inception in the mid 20th century. George wanted to create something more hands on and exciting.

It was a lengthy process, but I remained focused throughout. There was never a question of ‘if’ it will get done, it was ‘how’. I enjoyed learning the methods in which basses/guitars are made, ergonomic and feasibility testing and speaking to specialists who informed key decisions. I’m happy with the outcome.

Being part of NTU

George has thoroughly enjoyed his time here at NTU. Prior to final year he had a very disrupted time because of Covid-19, He believes that - if not for placement - that he wouldn’t have acquired the mindset needed for final year. However, he has developed good CAD and visualisation abilities and became quite adept at sketching. He likes to think his design skills are developing well as well as creating some amazing friends to last a lifetime.

Georges most memorable moment at NTU would be the study trip to Amsterdam with his course, however an honourable mention would be freshers week back in 2019.

Guitar standing up next to a window

Closing remarks

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious; make it something you enjoy. George highly recommends doing a placement because of the skills it provides and treat final year like a 9-5 job to make the most of your potential.

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