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Showcase 2023 Student Spotlight: Neve Rutter

Student Spotlight featuring BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design student, Neve Rutter and her project, The Inked Resistance.

Sketched design of a house interios

The project

It is 2523. Sea levels have risen causing much of the world to flood, and natural disasters are a frequent occurrence. The government has formed a totalitarian society, where citizens are controlled by 24/7 surveillance. Self expression and creative freedom are things of the past; most are unaware of the art of the written word and hand drawing.

A brave young woman, who’s brain has not yet been greyed by the state, flees society and seeks refuge amongst some ruins in Lumsdale Valley. After some time, she happens across an ornately patterned object from times long-passed. Enthralled by its beauty, she becomes obsessed with the object, certain that it has been presented to her through divine intervention. Thorough research reveals that the object is, in fact, a tattoo gun – an alien yet liberating discovery.

A monastery dedicated to its worship and the necessary production of ink, begins to take shape. Over time, people who have also fled society find and seek refuge at this monastery. They too become obsessed with the tattoo gun, forming a loyal group of disciples.

Led by The Founder, the disciples set about plotting a resistance against the government, certain that powers of strength and protection harnessed through tattoos will enable them to succeed in their fight for a free society. They are the Inked Resistance.

Sketched design of a house interior

The inspiration behind the project

What inspired Neve was the research into the history of tattoos and different cultures approaches to them, as well as George Orwell’s novel 1984, as it influenced the narrative behind her project.

Neve was also driven by the idea that the monastery should be self-sufficient and not need to rely on external factors.

The aesthetic of the project was influenced by three factors. The idea that the disciples are rebelling against a totalitarian society which suppresses creative thought influenced the want to hand draw a lot of the visual elements of the project, the ink created on site also influenced inky pen drawing, and the orange was that influenced by her research into Thai monks who perform Sak Yant tattoos and wear orange robes & the fire element within my project.

The brief challenged me and made me step outside of my comfort zone and push myself.
Sketched design of a house interior

Being part of NTU

Neve didn’t know anything about interior design or architecture before starting, but she has learnt so much. The tutors have been so supportive and helpful, especially considering half of her time at University was heavily impacted by covid. Neve met amazing friends for life on her course and feels super employable and confident about getting a job after university especially after her placement year which she loved.

Sketched design of a house interior

Closing remarks

Be prepared to work hard. The course is definitely challenging but is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

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