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Showcase 2023 Student Spotlight: Sejal Vachher

Student Spotlight featuring BA (Hons) Product Design student, Sejal Vachher and her project, Jalse | Embracing Sustainability Through Rain Water Harvesting.

Water purifying machine

The project

Jalse is a free standing, modular and renter friendly rainwater harvesting system, made for vertical housing. The storage system fills from top to bottom, using a special flushing technique, that is incorporated in each vessel. This eliminates the need for a tap by breaking down the collected water into smaller sections that also allow for easy accessibility. All the vessels are made using clear Polypropylenes, to facilitate the use of Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS), and keep bacteria like legionella at bay.

Made for millennials, Jalse invites it’s users to build new sustainable habits, in order to prepare for the rising climate crises and the future need for water.

Water purifying machine

The inspiration behind the project

Sejal wanted to create a product has a big impact. Looking at the climate crises and researching about the water shortages in the UK, encouraged her to take on the topic of rainwater harvesting and imagine it’s use case in smaller outdoor spaces like balconies and patios.

The theme of simplicity and free flowing curves mainly inspired her through the design process, along with organic forms and surface variations.

I had a wonderful experience working on this project, as I was able to put in practice all my learnings throughout the course. The feedback I got at every step was immensely helpful and guided me to push myself through hurdles and design blocks. All in all, working in a self-directive method, made me realise the kind of designer I am, and helped me remain mindful about the choices I made.
Water purifying machine

Being part of NTU

NTU has been an amazing opportunity for Sejal. Working with design-oriented peers and professionals has immensely shaped her perspective on this industry and fuelled her passion for product design. NTU gave her the global exposure she needed in order to become more empathetic as a person and as a designer.

3D printing her first ever model in the product design studio is a core memory that she will never forget. Simply seeing her design come to life, and being able to hold and use it was wonderful.

Water purifying machine

Closing remarks

Product design at NTU is remarkable not only in teaching but also encourages your passion and ambition. From classroom workshops to industry lectures, the courses are very well organised and have a whole spectrum for learning!

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