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My alumni story: From memories of Clifton Campus in the 1980s to saving lives in Tasmania

This month, we were delighted to hear from Applied Biology alum Graham Stevens.

Graham Stevens scuba diving
Graham Stevens

"I studied Applied Biology at Clifton Campus back in the eighties. I then went on to do Medicine and Surgery at Leicester and became a doctor in 1994.

"Having been a GP for a while, I emigrated to Australia where I continued to work as a doctor, followed by emergency medicine, then a combination of both.

"Since then I've specialised in emergency medicine, general practice, and HIV medicine. I currently work as a staff specialist in hyperbaric and diving medicine at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmania, Australia, where we treat decompression injury in divers plus a whole host of other conditions. It is the biggest specialist facility in the Southern Hemisphere and we also do hypobaric (space) research."

Have you been inspired by Graham's story?

Why not drop us a line today and we'll share what you're doing now with the NTU global alumni network.