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Product Design Masters 2023 Student Spotlight: Ethan Kendle

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Furniture student, Ethan Kendle, and his project, 'Neural Design Thinking'.

Ethan smiling at the camera

About Ethan:

Ethan is a forward-thinking designer, deeply engrossed in the exploration of innovative technology and experimental processes.

Currently, he is delving into the transformative impacts of AI on design, aiming to harness its potential to revolutionize the field.

Ethan's commitment to continual learning and adaptation makes him a dynamic contributor to the ever-evolving world of design.

Ethan Designs Displayed

'Neural Design Thinking' is a groundbreaking project that explores the ethical and effective integration of AI into the design process.

It delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, aiming to provide practical solutions and guidelines for designers.

The project stands at the intersection of technology and creativity, seeking to understand how to leverage the potential of AI while maintaining a strong ethical stance.

''Neural Design Thinking' pushes the boundaries of what's possible in design.

Ethan Designs Displayed

See more of Ethan's work on the NTU Product Masters website.