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Students and Colleagues

There are many ways that students and colleagues can support NTU’s strategy of Embracing Sustainability, through formal learning opportunities and informal events and activities.

Become a Student Eco-Ambassador

Really passionate about sustainability? Why not become an eco-ambassador: organise, promote and encourage sustainability projects to fellow students, working alongside the Sustainability Team across all NTU campuses.

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Funding for Projects

The Sustainability Team provide funding for relevant, ambitious and effective student projects. Student teams should be able to evidence the requirements, targets and predicted outcomes of their projects when applying and are welcome to focus on all areas of sustainability including carbon reductions, biodiversity, waste, water and wellbeing. If you believe you have a project that we can help resource please email to find out more.

Examples of Projects we have funded include:

  • Hedgehog House building and Wildflower expansion at Brackenhurst Campus- NTU Conservation Society
  • Handmade by Meredith-  Zero waste handmade clothing company created by NTU Fashion student Meredith Adams

Each year the NTU Sustainability Team also fund a winning "Green Dragon" sustainability focused project at the NTU Enterprise Awards.

Sustainability Training


The Sustainability team run monthly staff awareness courses for all colleagues, including new starters. The training allows staff to gain an understanding of sustainability at NTU, understand their responsibilities as staff members and find out ways they can get involved with sustainability projects and events. To attend one of these sessions, please get in touch with our Sustainability team on the email address

There is also an online workspace "Education for Sustainable Development at NTU"  available to all staff on Sharepoint, hosted by the Green Academy.


Each year students are invited to engage in a sustainability induction session as part of the Welcome Week offer at NTU. The online sessions aim to provide an understanding of sustainability at NTU, introduce and encourage signing up for our Green Rewards programme, give guidance on sustainable behaviours, and highlight events that students can get involved with throughout the year.

Sustainability in Practice Certificate

The Sustainability in Practice (SiP) certificate is a short free online module open to all NTU students. This enquiry-based module is self-paced and introduces students to sustainability fundamentals such as the climate and ecological emergency, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and systems thinking. It is also listed on Undergraduates Higher Education Achievement Record and counts toward the Bronze Employability Award.

Automatically available in the NOW learning room.

Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy Training for Educators, Communities, Organizations and Students (CLT-ECOS) programme is a virtual training developed and upscaled by Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK, in collaboration with the UN Global Compact PRME Working Group on Climate Change. It aims to empower educators, communities, organisations, and students to embed high-impact climate solutions in their personal, professional and community life.

Find out more about how to engage with Carbon Literacy Training

Climate Literacy and Action for All

Explore the best high-impact climate solutions available and embed them in your private and professional life. This free 6-hour online FutureLearn short course is created by Nottingham Business School. You’ll have 3 weeks to complete the course where you'll learn how to become ‘climate literate’ to help you make climate-conscious decisions. You’ll discover how to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of various human activities and gain the tools to choose climate solutions that have the highest impact, for everyone’s benefit.

Staff Sustainability Ambassadors

Staff at NTU are also invited to become a Sustainability Ambassador, becoming part of a network of staff that have termly meetings with the Sustainability Team to receive updates and provide feedback or advise potential changes.

In May 2022, staff ambassadors were invited to talk to our waste contractor Enva to learn more about waste processes at NTU. Staff in the meeting suggested several ways good waste behaviour could be further highlighted across campuses, and following the meeting were invited to a tour of Enva’s facilities.


NTSU are also working towards sustainability initiatives. Their Sustainability Coordinator partners with the Sustainability Team to deliver a range of engagement activities and provides student representation on both the Management Review Committee and Carbon Programme Group (Committees concerned with estates, planning, finance and strategic decision making - with University Executive input).

Independently in 2023, NTSU have signed up for NUS's Green Impact Student's Unions scheme and pledged to become IS014001 accredited, with work already ongoing to achieve this. Find out more.

Attend a Sustainability event

There are regular Sustainability events taking place throughout the year, from nature walks to tree planting and much more. Browse our events and book your place.