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Green Academy Annual Report

The Green Academy works to engage students and staff with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) here at Nottingham Trent University. As a signatory of the SDG Accord, the University is committed to fulfilling the global goals.

The Green Academy has embedded Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into curricular and extra-curricular activities since 2013 and is regarded as a sector leader in this field. In 2019-2020, our then Lead Professor Petra Molthan-Hill was invited to join the QAA- Advance HE advisory group updating the ESD guidance for the higher education (HE) sector. Based on our internationally successful UN PRME Champions Project ‘Carbon Literacy Training for Business Schools’, Professor Molthan-Hill and NTU’s Green Academy was also selected to design one of the two Carbon Literacy Tool Kits for the HE Sector funded by BEIS and the GMCA.

Furthermore, we have shared best practice across the sector with our recent publications:

Molthan-Hill, P., Luna, H., Wall, T., Puntha, H. And Baden, D. (2020) Storytelling for sustainability in higher education : an educator's handbook

Odell V., Molthan-Hill P., Martin S., Sterling S., (2019) Transformative Education to Address All Sustainable Development Goals

Dharmasasmita A., Molthan-Hill P., Smith R., Valero-Silva N. (2020) Leadership Competencies for a Future-Oriented Leader

Professor Molthan-Hill was also Section Editor for the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education (Students and stakeholders´ initiatives and involvement) and Section Editor for the Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4: Quality Education).

NTU and NTSU are currently doing an incredible job to further improve the awareness and engagement, of both students and staff, of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. The work we have seen shows that the university continues to be a leading institution in terms of sustainability.

Student Auditor 2018

Dissemination and awards

  • NTU Green Academy contributed to internal University events such as the Course Leader Conference and the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. The team also contributed to a session at the annual EAUC conference.
  • NTU hosted a sector-wide Climate Change Emergency event in July 2019 organized by NTU’s Green Academy. Bringing together university, research, and student union representatives from across the UK, it discussed how the Higher Education sector can respond to the climate emergency.
  • NTU's Green Academy published several book chapters and Professor Petra Molthan-Hill was Associate Editor of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education.
  • Professor Petra Molthan-Hill was recognised as a Fellow of the EAUC (Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges).
  • The Sustainable Development Goals Visual Displays Project developed by Vanessa Odell from NTU’s Green Academy was shortlisted for the Green Gown Awards 2018.
  • NTU was awarded a first-class award in the People & Planet University League in July 2019.


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