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Key Areas of Focus

Key Areas of Focus

CADQ provides a range of services, including: educational development, research and evaluation, enhancement-led quality management and design for online learning.

CADQ supports the development of new partnerships, including for an expanding portfolio of post-qualification professional courses, and manages quality for the University’s validation services and collaborative partnerships. The service has recently assumed responsibility for academic practice development, including the Academic Professional Apprenticeship. It is also a key means by which the University supports the Trent Institute of Learning and Teaching. There are around 80 staff in the department.

Our Services

Educational Development

We make learning better by supporting  and facilitating innovations and enhancements to learning and teaching practices and curriculum design; helping our institution to function as a robust, evidence-based, student-centred learning community.

Enhancement-led Quality Management

We ensure high-quality courses are developed which reflect NTU’s ambitions and result in good outcomes for students. We do this by providing guiding frameworks for the development and oversight of NTU’s academic provision and supporting Schools and course teams in its implementation and ongoing operation.

Design for Online Learning

We develop innovative learning experiences for NTU students through online and flexible learning, and maintain NTU’s eLearning environment.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We manage the quality and standards of provision to ensure our collaborative partners deliver a student academic experience that matches NTU expectations, whether this is in the UK or abroad.

Academic Practice Development

We enhance learning and teaching at NTU by developing academic’s teaching practices. This can be through our PGCAP or APA programmes or supporting academics to obtain a Fellowship to the Higher Education Academy.

Research and Evaluation

We investigate aspects of the NTU student experience to improve various aspects of student success, particularly concerning the institution’s Access and Participation Plan. Previous research has involved LGBT students’ academic experiences and the impact of placement length on student outcomes.

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