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Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

CADQ's purpose was developed collaboratively with colleagues across our department, looking at why CADQ exists and the impact of our work on students, colleagues and the wider society.

we make learning better through innovation and partnership.

Whether we are developing new teaching pedagogies, designing online modules, or ensuring that the programmes we offer at NTU are of the upmost and robust quality; all aim to make learning better for everyone in the NTU community, students, staff and beyond.

We are a hub for sector-leading educational innovation, a place where others can look to gain ideas and embed at their own institutions. We are well-known for active learning, specifically in SCALE-UP, which won the 2019 Guardian University Award for Course and Curriculum Design. But, we plan to grow this recognition further into more areas of academic development and quality.

Our Values

CADQ holds five values, which we embed into all the work we do. If an innovation does not keep our values, we simply do not do it, or modify it until it does. We are proud of our values and what they represent.

We are:

Innovative, Inclusive, Insightful, Collaborative, Empowering

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