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We offer advice and assurance to the institution that the robust and high standards in Academic Development and Academic Quality are being met.

Institutional Level

This support can be in the form of:

  • assuring NTU’s Academic Board and Board of Governors for academic standards;
  • acting as the executive functions for sub-committees of Academic Board, such as the Academic Standards and Quality Committee; and,
  • managing and reviewing academic policy, primarily the Quality Handbook

School Level

In addition to the institutional Governance support we provide above; we also support Schools in the management of quality and standards and ensure that processes are fit for purpose. This support can range from:

  • School Academic Standards and Quality Committees; and,
  • Periodic Reviews.

Collaborative Partners

We hold oversight of the standards and quality at Collaborative Partners for the courses we accredit. This is because we are the institution that confers the educational award and as such, must adhere to NTU policies and standards.