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NTU Quality Handbook

Find out about how the Quality Handbook — the guide that governs learning and teaching regulations at Nottingham Trent University.

What is the Quality Handbook?

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The Quality Handbook provides the framework which governs learning and teaching at Nottingham Trent University. It serves as a source of information for both staff and students and covers several policies and guidance which state the processes and procedures that NTU follows when delivering education.

The provisions of the Quality Handbook also applies to students studying on any of our courses at partner institutions.

The associated templates and forms can be found in MyHub. They include:

  • course change form
  • course specification template
  • curriculum map exemplar
  • external specialist commentary template for course changes
  • interim course report template
  • external examiner forms
  • teach-out arrangements guidance.

Additional templates and guidance can be found on our collaborations and partnerships templates page.

Here you can find the most recent Changes to the NTU Quality Handbook 202324.

Relevant sections (0-10)


Relevant sections (11-17)

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