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Getting ready for Graduation

Registration and eligibility

You are not eligible to attend your graduation ceremony if:

  • You have been unsuccessful in your assessments
  • You have an academic appeal or reconsideration request in progress or are subject to an investigation for academic misconduct (you may be invited to a later ceremony once the situation is resolved)
  • You are in debt to the University for unpaid tuition fees

How to register

Registration is now closed, and we're unable to accept any late registration requests after the deadline of Friday 31 March 2023.

If you cannot attend your ceremony due to extenuating circumstances, you must inform us. Each request is assessed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.

Students with outstanding debt

Students with outstanding debts for unpaid tuition fees will not be eligible to attend their designated ceremony unless payment has been made in full by Tuesday 20 June 2023. In these circumstances students will not be deferred to a later round of ceremonies.

Please contact Income Finance and Debt Management regarding outstanding payments on +44 (0)115 848 6500 or by email.

In the event of a change to the Graduation ceremonies

If the Graduation Ceremony cannot take place or is delayed or the ceremony time needs to change due to events beyond the control of Nottingham Trent University, including (without limitation) fire, explosion, terrorist act (or threat of terrorist act), act of God, outbreak of communicable disease, epidemic, pandemic, civil emergencies, any Government restrictions, order, rule, regulation or action by a Government or public authority, national mourning (any member of the royal family) or as a result of any industrial action or dispute involving Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Trent University will contact you as soon as possible to let you know.  

Nottingham Trent University will not be liable for any losses direct or otherwise incurred by the graduates or their guests for delays caused by the event being cancelled, delayed or rescheduled.

Have a question?

No problem, please visit our frequently asked questions page, or alternatively, please email

Guest tickets

Registration is now closed. Allocation of the two free guest tickets can only be guaranteed if reserved during registration.

You are able to view your ticket order for University Hall via the booking summary screen on your registration portal at any point leading up to your ceremony.

Please note: Babies and toddlers are required to have their own ticket to access University Hall, and an adult who holds a University Hall guest ticket must accompany them. These tickets are inclusive of the post-ceremony refreshments.

Arkwright Package tickets will be available on the day of your ceremony. Please ask on arrival at the ticket desk.

These are free of charge and are unlimited.

The Arkwright Package gives guests access to the live streaming venue where they can watch the ceremony live streamed from University Hall.

The package also includes post-ceremony refreshments.

Please note: for friends and family, wherever they are in the world, the ceremonies will be available to watch online free of charge from any device on our live streaming page. However, they will not be able to enter the live streaming venue or access the post ceremonial refreshments without an Arkwright Package ticket.

We realise your Graduation is a time for family celebrations of your achievements and children are welcome to attend. However, the Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and we do not recommend that babies and young children attend as the ceremony will include loud music and noise. We respectfully request that small children be taken outside if they become unsettled during the ceremony so as not to disturb proceedings.

Please note that ALL guests, including babies and children, need to be possession of their own ticket within University Hall. Babies and toddlers of any age are NOT permitted to sit on the lap of other guests within University Hall, this is to ensure that we comply with the venue fire regulation capacity restrictions. Students can only book up to two guest tickets during registration.

Guest tickets booked for the live streaming venue and University Hall are not interchangeable.

If you or your guests require special arrangements to be put in place for your ceremony, please let us know by completing the comments section during registration or contacting us before Wednesday 5 July 2023. This can include wheelchair accessibility, dietary requirements, vertigo, and any hearing impairments.

All graduating students will need to collect their tickets upon arrival on the day from the ticket desk, which will be located in the Newton building and open an hour and a half prior to your ceremony. We will not be posting tickets out prior to the ceremonies.

You can find further details on what to do on the day of your Graduation in the on the day section of the website.

Please note that all guest tickets are non-refundable as stated at the time of booking, with the exception of students who are no longer eligible to attend due to having to retake an assessment, in which case you will receive a refund once the ceremony has taken place. A further invitation to the next set of ceremonies will be sent to you in due course. Tickets cannot be transferred between ceremonies and you must complete the online registration process again.

Relaxed graduation experience

Registration is now closed, and we're unable to accept any late registration requests after the deadline of Friday 31 March 2023.

NTU is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for all who work and study with us, and this includes our Graduation ceremonies.

Graduation is a time to celebrate your achievements with your family and friends; however, we understand that some students and guests may find attending a ceremony in University Hall overwhelming.

To make graduation more accessible NTU are offering an alternative Graduation experience. This experience is designed for students or guests with learning difficulties, autism, social anxiety, or sensory processing difficulties, but is open to those who may find this alternative format more comfortable.

Students and their guests will be able to join the experience in our Newton building on Tuesday 11 July 2023 and enter and leave freely as needed.

If you wish to have more structure to the day, 15-minute morning time slots will be available to book in advance. Alternatively, you can attend in the afternoon at your own convenience, however, please inform us of your attendance.

There will be staff members available on the day to assist as required and chill out areas provided for anyone who may become overwhelmed.

You can also secure photography for the day here – see this section below for more information.

Have a question?

No problem, please visit our frequently asked questions page, or alternatively, please email

Hire your gown and hood

It is compulsory for all graduands to wear the University academic dress at their ceremony.

The deadline for gown hire has now passed, however our gowning company should be able to source a gown for you on the day. Please arrive 90 minutes before your ceremony to ensure adequate time for them to make arrangements for you.

Be sure to hire the correct gown according to your qualification, see our guide to the different graduation gowns for details.

We recommend that you bring hairgrips on your Graduation day to secure your hat.

Gown collection and return

You will collect your gown on the day of your ceremony from the Arkwright building and return it to one of the drop off points in the Newton building before the end of your Graduation day. These will be clearly signposted for you.

Book your photography

Book your official Graduation photography to beat the queues and enjoy a discount.

Marston Photography

Marston Photography are NTU's official Graduation supplier. You can see all their traditional photography packages that they have available on their website. Simply select your ceremony from the drop down list.

Marston Photography can provide you with high quality Graduation photography to cherish the occasion forever. Their Graduation photography service includes an individual portrait, as well as pictures with friends and family.

We recommend that you pre-book a time slot to have your photographs taken to save time and money on the day. Book your place now ensuring you select the correct ceremony. Please ensure your photography booking is no less than 45 minutes before your ceremony start time to avoid being late and missing your ceremony. It is possible to book your photography session for after your ceremony too.

Please ensure you have booked your photography slot  before Tuesday  11 July 2023. You can book your slot anytime between Tuesday 28 February and Tuesday 11 July 2023.

Photography will be located in the Arkwright building.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding Graduation photography, please contact Marston Photography direct on + 44 (0)1293 82 22 11 or email

On stage photography

As you cross the stage a photograph will be taken of you with the presiding officer. Following your ceremony, these will be available for you to purchase from Marston Photography, in the Newton building.

Please note that no cameras or phones are permitted to be used on stage. However, your guests are welcome to take photographs from their seats.

Visa information

Instructions on what to do if you or any of your guests require a visitor visa to enter the UK for your Graduation.

Visa information for students

If you need a visa for yourself, please complete this visa letter request form which should also be returned to before Tuesday 20 June 2023 so we can produce a letter for you. If possible please return a typed copy of your form to ensure the accuracy of the information in your invitation letter.

Visa information for guests

If any of your guests require a visitor visa to enter the UK, you will need to obtain a letter of invitation.

To obtain a letter of invitation you will need to register your attendance and reserve your two free guest tickets online first, and then complete this invitation request form which should be emailed to before Tuesday 20 June 2023. If possible please return a typed copy of your form to ensure the accuracy of the information in your invitation letter.

Once we receive your request we will produce the letter(s) for you and email them to you.

If you are unsure whether you require a visa to enter the UK, please contact the International Student Support Office on

You must ensure that all guests travelling to the UK have tickets to attend the ceremony. If you have more than two guests travelling, you will need to obtain an Arkwright Package ticket for each additional guest.