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Technical advice

The range of processes and materials related to digital manufacturing is rapidly growing, offering exciting advantages in terms of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. We're here to simplify the wealth of information, to focus on what could benefit you.

Our specialisms in this area

Our technical team can:

  • offer advice on streamlining existing processes and production-line setups
  • provide unbiased advice and contact leads if you plan on out-sourcing
  • offer design refinement advice, from 3D printed moulds for concrete casting to decorative laser cut architectural facades
  • help you evaluate the environmental impact of new materials and processes
  • advise on health and safety matters to ensure you have the appropriate understanding and resources to comply with safe working practices
  • develop your employee skill sets
  • improve factory layouts and workflow streamlining (LEAN, 6 sigma).

Get in touch

If you'd like to enquire about any of our Digital Manufacturing Consultancy Services, please complete our enquiry form.

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