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Digital Manufacturing Consultancy Service

Whether you want to implement new digital manufacturing processes and technologies, or optimise your production workflows, we have the skills and facilities to turn your problems into opportunities.

What we offer

Our team of technical experts offer independent and cost-effective consultancy for companies interested in a range of areas. We have over 50 years of industry and academic experience in a range of areas including computing, creative arts, manufacturing, and engineering.

We can help to maximise your business' full productivity and commercial potential - from blue-sky thinking, to feasible designs and production plans. You could be a start-up entering a competitive market, or an established business looking to grow and adapt to new technologies. We can support you to scale-up, become leaner, and improve your sustainability.

Our consultancy services

The Digital Manufacturing Consultancy Service specialises in three key areas.

  • Transitioning your business to digital manufacturing
  • Workflow and workspace analysis
  • Scaling-up production

  • Materials
  • Processes
  • Equipment
  • Design refinement
  • Procurement
  • Outsourcing
  • Health and safety

  • Digital processes
  • Prototype and sample production
  • Material and prototype testing

“Being in the business of bespoke joinery and cabinet making, and with my business growing fast, I wanted to understand more about how I could speed up some time-consuming processes, especially in the production of complex parts and templates for each commission. In a few short consultations, a member of the team outlined and demonstrated CNC routing machinery and potential software that was within my budget and scope of needs. I am now seeing the benefits and am planning incremental changes in my workflow and business.“

Ian Jones, Sherwood Wood, Nottingham.

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Our team of experts

  • NTU employee standing in workshop
    Mark Beeston
    Mark is a technical specialist at NTU in the model and prototype making areas. He has 25 years' of independent work as a multidisciplinary freelance designer, maker, production manager and creative solutions facilitator across the creative arts and engineering industry sectors. Mark's cross-disciplinary design and manufacturing experience and knowledge makes him well-equipped to advise new and established small-to-medium-sized businesses on a broad range of materials, workflow and workshop optimisation skills. He also specialises in the application of traditional manufacturing/craft processes and new digital manufacturing technologies and processes such as laser and 3D printing and computer numerical controls (CNC).
  • NTU employee standing in workshop
    Emily Quinn
    After a degree in model making, Emily stepped into a five-year-long career as a mould maker and caster in the UK film and gaming industries – tackling large, high-pressure jobs in props, product manufacture, and special made FX and creature FX. Emily made the move to Higher Education four years ago, as a technical specialist, in order to share her knowledge with the next generation of designers, and to develop ways of incorporating digital tools into her workflows. As a freelance mould making and casting consultant for hobbyists and small businesses, she can advise on material choices, mould designs, casting processes and using new digital technology applications to enhance quality and to optimise production.
  • Chris Forbes
    Chris Forbes
    Chris worked in industry with multi-million-pound enterprise resource planning databases for several years before arriving at NTU as a computing specialist and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tutor. For the past twenty years he’s been developing his knowledge of highly complex 3D CAD, digital design post-processing and rendering for presentations, visualisation design applications, 3D CAM, and state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies and software. Combining his technical background with an artistic outlook, Chris has enjoyed being published as a 3D artist in several design magazines and books.

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