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Inclusive Schools: A Targeted Toolbox Consultation Service

Meeting the needs of ALL learners can be difficult. Those learners who have difficulty regulating their behaviour, those learners who have a special educational need and/or disability or those learners who are not making expected progress are particularly vulnerable.

If you are experiencing difficulties to include ALL learners in your educational setting, we can help you bring back that lost learning and build an inclusive environment, so ALL staff, learners and parents are included.

Nottingham Trent University has a wealth of academic expertise relating to how to meet the needs of ALL learners across Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Alternative schools in the UK. This service offers you a private package of support, delivered by our in-house academic expert. The package of support includes:

  • Initial consultation
    During this consultation the full history of your concerns will be discussed in more detail and an assessment made. This will be delivered face to face so that there is a full understanding of the context of your educational setting and your specific requirements. We work with you to develop a tailored plan to meet your needs.
  • The plan
    Within seven days of your consultation, you will be emailed a plan of action to meet your specific requirements. The action plan will be tailored to your individual needs and timeline.
  • Interim review
    This will be delivered via a Teams or Zoom call at a time negotiated in the Plan. During this meeting, a review of the Plan will be carried and refined as needed and the next steps identified. This appointment will last up to one hour.
  • Final review
    You will receive a follow-up meeting to evaluate your Plan. Typically, this will last up to 30 minutes and will review your progress and conclude the service, with recommended next steps.

How we can help

Dr Gaye Tyler-Merrick is our international in-house education and classroom management expert.  She specialises in school culture, behaviour and learning as well as SEND. Gaye is dedicated to working alongside school leaders, SENCOs, teachers, teacher assistants, learners, and parents to improve school culture and show how to meet the needs of ALL learners in a positive, engaging and inclusive manner. She offers up-to-date, effective evidence-based strategies to create change.

Gaye offers a range of training so SLT and SENCOs can strategically lead a provision which offers a positive and productive learning environment for ALL.

How to access this consultancy support

For more information on the support available, how it could work for you, and to discuss your ideas, contact: