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Training on the statistical programme 'R'

We offer in-person and online training programmes to University departments for learning how to use the statistical programme R.

Dr Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Psychology at NTU.  His interests lie within the fields of Visual Psychology and Applied Cognitive Psychology.  He is an experienced R user and is one of the leads in the transition to R within NTU Psychology.  He is also a Vice Chancellor Teaching Award winner highlighting the level of teaching competence he possesses.

Dr Jens Roeser

Jens Roeser is a Research Fellow in the department of Psychology at NTU.  His scientific interests embrace theoretical models of language comprehension and production and the acquisition of language. Methodologically, Jens is interested in writing processes and eye-tracking in experimental setups, and Bayesian data modelling.  Jens is one of the resident experts in using R and is one of the proponents in the transition to using and teaching R in the department.

Our training packages include training in the use of R.  We offer training across a range of R activities. These training packages include (but are not limited to): the basics of using R, data wrangling and data visualisation using R, and conducting basic and complex statistical analyses using R.  Clients can adapt their training programme based on their needs.  Training is delivered in real-time and in a workshop-like fashion.  Training can be delivered either in-person or online.

How to access this consultancy support

For more information on the support available, how it could work for you, and to discuss your ideas, contact: