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Crawford and Co Surveyors

Why did your company choose to offer apprenticeships?

We are passionate about providing on-going learning opportunities for our staff having already supported several members of staff through level 3 and 4 apprenticeships over the past 10 years. As our company has grown as has the need to up-skill our employees to ensure their qualifications are at a competitive level required for providing our services. Degree apprenticeships have been the natural progression from our level 3 and 4 training programmes. They have allowed us to provide our employees with the opportunity to aspire to a higher level of learning with theoretical knowledge that complements their practical skills.

When did you start implementing apprenticeships?

We began offering level 3 and 4 apprenticeships in 2009 and UG and PG apprenticeships in 2018.

What impact have apprentices had on your business?

Apprentices bring new and innovative ways of working gained through knowledge they acquire in their taught sessions and then being able to apply this to their current practice. The support they have from their work colleagues and the practical experience in their day-to-day job provides a balance of real-world scenarios against their classroom learning. This has a positive impact on the services we deliver and the reputation of our company in the eyes of our customers, who are assured our services are carried out by a well-trained and competent team.

Has the partnership with NTU enhanced your apprenticeship program? If so, how has it done this?

Partnering with NTU has allowed us to offer higher level qualifications to our local staff, from a local institution. It has raised aspirations; staff who didn’t think that they would be capable of achieving a degree are being given the chance to succeed and continue working at the same time.

Would you recommend apprenticeships? If yes, why?

We would recommend apprenticeships because they can be an effective way to up-skill employees.

Would you recommend NTU’s apprenticeship provision? If yes, why?

We would recommend NTU’s apprenticeship provision for the two subjects applicable to our business; Building Surveying and Digital Marketing. We can see considerable growth in the skills and confidence of staff currently undertaking these apprenticeships through NTU.

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