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Derry Building Services

Why did your company choose to offer apprenticeships?

We chose to offer Quantity Surveying apprenticeships for several reasons. I was an apprentice myself, so I have seen the benefits first-hand.

Derry Building Services train to the best practice. Therefore, it is extremely rewarding to see each apprentice’s professional progression within the company.

It is also great knowing that we are helping the industry grow by giving back through our training programmes.

When did you start implementing apprenticeships?

We began implementing Quantity Surveying apprenticeships in 2003. At this time, we were employing 1 QS apprentice every 5 years.

This has now increased to an impressive 1-3 QS apprentices per year.

What impact have apprentices had on your business?

They have had a hugely positive impact on the business.

We have been able to put in place a structured future development plan and provide a long-term strategy to continually grow the commercial team.

Apprentices provide opportunities for our existing team members through their training, mentoring and support of the junior members of staff.

It has also allowed us to diversify roles within the commercial department, creating significantly more time for complex tasks to be completed.

Has the partnership with NTU enhanced your apprenticeship program? If so, how has it done this?

The support received by NTU has been excellent. Particularly the encouragement of mentoring and the feedback on performance and aptitude for the course.

The partnership has given us the opportunity to send trainees out on a day release system. Consequently, learning on the job has proven a great success with each of our Apprentices.

Another bonus is that the course enables the apprentices to achieve their MRICS.

Would you recommend apprenticeships? If yes, why?

Yes! As an employer training apprentices are incredibly important to us. Apprentices have allowed us to organically grow our workforce from within and maintain consistency throughout our business. Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a loyal, motivated, skilled and qualified workforce, we would definitely recommend it.

Would you recommend NTU’s apprenticeship provision? If yes, why?

Yes. NTU offer an excellent Quantity Surveying course. The support they continually provide to the apprentices and employers is brilliant.

Are there any further comments you’d like to add about apprenticeships or on your relationship with NTU?

I would recommend them to any employer looking to train Quantity Surveyors. NTU are currently supporting all our commercial apprentices within our business.

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