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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Why did your company choose to offer apprenticeships?

There are several reasons to offer Apprenticeships, which we have done for the last 12 years.

Firstly they are a route into employment, which is tried and tested. We are able to offer off and on the job training that allows the Apprentice to develop in their role, and to progress to substantive employment.

Secondly we find that our colleagues who come in via the Apprenticeship route feel they have been invested in by us, and show incredible loyalty. We know our retention in our Apprentices is good.

Thirdly Apprentices do really well at interview for substantive posts, and for higher Apprenticeship opportunities. The training and development they receive allows them to progress well, and as before to know that we are investing in them.

In addition Apprenticeships allow us to recruit, and train, in particular roles that may be hard to recruit fully trained/ experienced staff. This is true in a number of roles, and we have successfully introduced Apprenticeships in a number of areas.

When did you start implementing apprenticeships?

We have used Apprenticeships since 2009, prominently in Business Admin and then a few years later in Healthcare Support Worker.

In 2017 with the advent of the Levy, and from then on, we have introduced a broader range of Apprenticeships. Existing staff are aware that they have a range of subjects to study, and our recruiting managers know they can review a number of standards to define the best fit for their department, and particular role.

What impact have apprenticeships had on your business?

We have and continue year on year, to offer more new recruit Apprenticeships which offer progression to clinical professions, particularly in Nursing and Radiography. Without Apprenticeships, which allows us to recruit and train differently, we would have been unable to innovate.

For our existing staff we now have a variety of subjects that they can study, to enable them to develop in their role, and gain skills to enable them to progress.

We have found Apprenticeships, in the main, to be very positive for our business.

Has the partnership with NTU enhanced your apprenticeship program? If so, how has it done this?

The partnership with NTU has enhanced our programmes, because of our close working relationship, and our continuous dialogue.

If there are improvements to be made in processes, or by us being involved in delivering some Apprenticeship training, this relationship is key to the success of delivery and in our Apprentices succeeding in their studies.

Would you recommend apprenticeships? If yes, why?

Yes, Apprenticeships are a valid entry point to the NHS, and provide a stepping stone to progression.

The number and range of opportunities we have wouldn’t have been possible without Apprenticeships.

Would you recommend NTU’s apprenticeship provision? If yes, why?

We have a strong relationship with good communication channels, both with the Apprenticeships Hub (for the admin) and the faculty staff.

Good communication is key to continuously develop programmes and to resolve any issues that arise. We certainly have that in our partnership with NTU.

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