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Nutritional Analysis for SMEs

Supporting SMEs to unlock the potential in their food and drink products.

As part of the Enabling Innovation programme, Nottingham Trent University is providing businesses in Nottingham and Derbyshire with access to a bespoke package of Nutritional Analysis.

Eligible businesses can access full nutritional analysis for up to 6 recipes or products, at no cost to the businesses. Our broad range of services can assist your organisation to add further value to your products, identify and control ingredient quality and help you communicate your products using industry recognised Traffic light systems.

Services include:

  • Portion size control
  • Traffic light system labelling
  • Nutritional break-down with NutriCalc
Food analysis

How it works

All eligible businesses will receive a diagnostic with the Food and Drink Innovation hub to best determine how our team can help. Once needs are assessed, businesses will be able to submit up to six of their recipes used in their business for analysis. Our team can help you with guidance based on the results of the nutritional analysis process, including ways to reduce salt, fat, and sugar content if required. Businesses will receive a detailed declaration that contains a breakdown of their recipes as well as bespoke traffic light symbols to download and use for their food product labelling.

Benefits to business

Cost saving

While some Nutricalc services maybe to available to all businesses at a cost, funding utilised from the European Regional Develop Fund by the Enabling Innovation programme at NTU means that eligible businesses can access all our support at no cost.

Creating healthier choices and communicating quality

SMEs will be able to access detailed analysis of their product recipes and use this information to influence product development for healthier or purer product alternatives.

Adopting trading standards approved methods

Businesses are provided with a bespoke traffic light labelling template and nutritional labelling template that can be used on their products to help them communicate the nutritional value.

Access this service

To access our Nutritional Analysis service please contact:

Adam Keenan
Tel: +44 (0)115 848 2351

The support is provided to eligible SMEs as part of Nottingham Trent Universities Enabling Innovation programme, part funded by the European Regional Development fund.

Still need help?

Adam Keenan
+44 (0)115 848 2351