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Graduate Development Programme Individual Presentations

Welcome to the Graduate Development Programme Individual Presentations site. Here you can see video presentations from 14 of our graduates, where they talk about their experiences at NTU, on the programme and what they’ve learned from their year with us. The GDP has looked very different this year due to Covid-19, however despite this the graduates have still managed to achieve amazing work with us and we would like to invite you to watch their videos and find out exactly what they’ve been up to.

This form is an opportunity for you to offer feedback to the graduates. Please consider taking the time to do this as the feedback you give can give them a great deal of confidence, assurance and focus as they move onto the next stage of their careers.

Abbie Teale

Alix Britton

Catherine Ajani

Charley Barker

Chloe Underwood

Decs McNally

Emily Gunn

Jacqui Hamilton

Jacob Germany

Katy Law

Lauren Russell

Lewis Parker

Paul Havelin

Pippa Maunder