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Introducing Payit™ – the faster way to receive payments from us

Payit™ by NatWest is the new fast, simple and secure way to receive payments. We’ve chosen Payit because it means you can receive money from us almost instantly, directly into your chosen account.

Forget cheques, lengthy sign-ups or sharing of account details All you need to do is click on the secure Payit link we send you, and choose the count you want to receive your funds into via your online or mobile banking. Best of all, it's free to use and you don't need to be a NatWest customer to use it.

Funds in your account FAST

Just click the secure link and follow the simple steps to deposit your payment instantly

Access that’s super SIMPLE

No need to create an account, just use your usual online or mobile banking

Less shared data, more SECURE

Receive payment without sharing any bank details

Your step-by-step guide to receiving funds via Payit

  1. Click on the ‘Claim Funds’ secure link in your email
  2. Follow the simple verification steps
  3. Choose Payit
  4. Choose your bank from the list
  5. Sign in to your usual online or mobile banking
  6. Choose the account you want to receive funds into
  7. Confirm, and you’re done

Got a question about receiving money from us via Payit?

We are here to answer your questions about Payit as quickly and easily as possible. Please check through our FAQs on this page to see if your answer is here. You may have some questions about open banking, or how the security works.

Q1. What is Payit?

Payit offers a new way for you to quickly and easily receive money from Nottingham Trent University directly into your bank account, and means you will receive your funds almost instantly*. It is not an app, but an online payment solution that allows you to use your own online or mobile banking to access your funds. It’s free to use and provides you with:

  • Faster payments
  • Less manual errors
  • More data security with no shared bank details
  • No pins or passwords

*some payments could take up to two hours to be credited

Q2. Do I need to be a NatWest customer to use Payit?

No. Payit is provided by NatWest, but the great news is that you don't have to be a NatWest customer to use it.

Q3. How do I use Payit?

You can use Payit to receive money in five simple steps:

  1. Receive a claim funds request - look out for an email from
  2. Click the ‘claim funds’ secure link and complete a two-step verification process
  3. Select which bank you would like to get your funds paid into
  4. Securely log in to your Online or Mobile banking following your normal Bank’s security procedure
  5. Select which account you wish to be paid into and receive payment confirmation

You can also enter your bank details manually, if you would prefer to do this instead of steps 3-5, though you will need to have these details to hand.

Q4. Is Payit secure?

Payit uses the UK's Open Banking infrastructure to securely connect to your bank's Online or Mobile banking. This allows you to log in using your existing details. Payit™ does not see your login details and Payit™ does not store or share any of your personal bank account information. More details on Open Banking.

We recommend you to choose Payit. However, if you'd rather choose a different method and enter your account details manually, we’ll only use the information to make a payment to you. We will not share your account information or use it for any purpose other than making the payment. For more information on how NatWest processes your information and your rights, please see our Privacy Notice which can be found at

Q5. Does it cost anything to use Payit?

Payit is free for you to use.

Q6. Why have I not received my money?

Sometimes funds may be held by your Bank to do some further checks. You can check your mobile or online banking to see if the payment has been received or alternatively contact your bank through your usual channels.

Q7. Do I need to download an app for Payit to work?

No. Payit is not an app. Payit works via the web browser of your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Q8. How long is the Payit link valid?

You will receive a ‘claim funds’ secure link via email. You have [typically] 30 days to claim your funds before the secure link becomes inactive. If funds are not claimed within this time, you must get in touch with us to obtain a new payment link. Funds are not removed from our account until they are claimed.

Q9. What happens if I experience any of the following issues?

  • I keep getting a fault when I’m trying to receive funds
  • I can’t get any further than the bank selection screen
  • The journey has timed out
  • I’m getting error messages

We suggest you wait for a few hours, then check your online or mobile banking again to see if your funds have come through. If there’s still a problem, please contact us directly via the email stated in your email.

Q10. Where can I find out more about Payit and Open Banking?

Payit is a new, secure way to get paid directly into your bank. Payit uses Open Banking technology which is offered by most major UK banks.

We’re still in the launch phase of Payit but will have more information for you soon. More details on Open Banking.

Q11. The page isn’t accessible / doesn’t look right / doesn’t work properly on my browser.

Payit has been optimised for most mainstream desktop browsers and mobile devices, but smaller providers or older handsets may mean that the journey does not render properly. Please be assured that the Payit™ service is safe and the process should still work in the same way.

Q12. How long does it take to receive payment via Payit?

Payit uses Faster Payments, so once a payment is made money should be paid into your account almost immediately. However, in some circumstances, it can take up to two hours.

Q13. Where can I see what payments I have received via Payit?

Any payments you receive via Payit will be reflected on your Bank Statement.

Q14. What information will you collect?

Please refer to Nottingham Trent University’s Privacy Notice.

In addition to this, please refer to the Payit Privacy Notice. Payit do not share your personal information.

Q15. I have the banking app on my phone but it’s not opening. What should I do?

  1. Make sure you have the updated version of the banking app
  2. If you are using an Android device, use Chrome instead of Samsung internet
  3. If you are on an Android device and are completing the payment journey through another app, such as a social media channel, copy the secure browser link and open in your standard browser app instead

Q16. Who can I contact at NTU if I have a query?

Contact the Expenses Team via